How to add a marker to a post or page

step 1: click on “Leaflet Maps Marker” in admin menu

step 2: click on “Add marker”

next steps (click on the image for a larger view, description of the steps below the image):

  • step 3 (optional): add marker name (will be displayed in map panel)
  • step 4 (optional): add marker to a layer or create a new layer first
  • step 5 (required): select a place or an address or paste coordinates or set marker coordinates by clicking on the preview map.
  • step 6 (optional): change map size
  • step 7 (optional): change zoom level by clicking on +/- or using your mouse wheel on preview map
  • step 8 (optional): select basemap you want to use
  • step 9 (optional): select WMS layer you would like to overlay
  • step 10 (optional): set basemap overlay controlbox behaviour on frontend
  • step 11 (optional): set panel display status (=markername and API links on top of map)
  • step 12 (optional): select marker icon
  • step 13 (optional): set popup text
  • step 14 (optional): set popup status for marker (open/closed by default)
  • step 15 (required): press button “add marker”

step 16 (required): Copy shortcode

step 17 (required): paste shortcode in post or page where you want the map to appear

step 18 (required): click on publish and map gets displayed on post or page – finished :-)

Fran A.Acero created a youtube video in Spanish which also shows how to create a marker map – watch the video here: