Free your maps! Maps Marker Pro is partnering up with Mapzen

We’re happy to announce that Maps Marker Pro is partnering up with Mapzen, an open, sustainable, and accessible mapping platform. When Maps Marker Pro founder Robert Harm started working on the plugin three years ago, it began as a fun side project at an open... Continue reading

We want YOU for Maps Marker Pro! Looking for a freelance developer

Today, we don’t ask what our plugin can do for you, we ask what you can do for it: We are looking for a freelance developer to join our team! You, our great user community, are already helping us with the roadmap for future updates.... Continue reading

Hotfix for “W3 Total Cache” issue since v0.9.5

Update 30.9.2016: W3 Total Cache v0.9.5.1 has been released today, which re-adds backward compatibility for third-party-plugins using their functions and classes. Maps Marker Pro and Leaflet Maps Marker will work properly out of the box with W3 Total Cache v0.9.5.1 even if the hotfix below... Continue reading

Introducing WPRuby: our official partner for custom Maps Marker Pro development

If you want to extend Maps Marker Pro further beyond its features, we’ve got the Maps Marker Pro APIs ready for you to build upon it. And if you need some help with that, we’ve got that covered now, too:Long-time Maps Marker developer Waseem Senjer... Continue reading

Review – “Top Plugins to Show Routes and Trails on a Map”

Thanks a lot to for also reviewing Maps Marker Pro when having a look at different mapping plugins which enable you to show routes and trails:"This is one of the best premium plugins for creating a map. You are able to use several different... Continue reading