Pro v2.9 with support for WPML multilingual maps is available

Creating multilingual maps has never been easier, thanks to full WPML support added with this release. In addition we fixed some nasty bugs regarding geocoding and several issues reported by our users - thanks a lot for this valuable feedback!  An update to the latest... Continue reading

Pro v2.9-beta2 with support for WPML string translation is available

With the upcoming v2.9 release, we will add support for WPML string translations - allowing you to display all maps contents in different languages (marker name, marker address, marker popuptext, layer name, layer address). WPML stands for "The WordPress Multilingual Plugin" and makes it easy... Continue reading

Pro v2.8.1 with geocoding providers usability improvements and bugfixes is available

With v2.8.1 we fixed several bugs and also optimized the usability of the new geocoding provider feature. Please also have a look at our new blog post about our new partnership with Mapzen - our the new default geocoding provider for Maps Marker Pro. An update to... Continue reading

Pro v2.8 with support for keyless geocoding providers & more is available

After more than 4 months of development we are happy to announce the availability of Maps Marker Pro v2.8. This release marks an important milestone, as it adds support for keyless geocoding providers - allowing you and your clients to use Maps Marker Pro without... Continue reading

Pro v2.8-beta1 with support for alternative geocoding providers is available

Actually we planned to release v2.8 in July - anyway as we also got lots of feedback from our users and also wanted to integrated the results from a recent usability project (thx Wieland for your valuable inputs!), it took as much longer than originally planned - sorry... Continue reading

Pro v2.7.3 – focusing on compatibility and bugfixes – is available

This release focuses on the Google API changes which are in effect since January 22nd 2016 and helps fixing related potential issues. An update to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. For more details about this release please see below. Let us... Continue reading

Pro v2.7.2 – compatibility and bugfix release – is available

v2.7.2 is a compatibility and bugfix release which focuses on increasing the overall usability on frontend and backend. I would especially like to thank all users reporting issues and plugin conflicts which could also be solved with this release.An update to the latest version is... Continue reading

Pro v2.7.1 with bugfixes (especially for maps on mobiles) is available

v2.7.1 is a bugfix release which fixes an issue with map zooming on mobile devices and also includes some other minor bugfixes especially for filters that we added with v2.7.An update to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. For more details about this... Continue reading

Pro v2.7 with support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend & more is available

True to the motto: "good things need time" we used the last 5 months to implement the most requested feature: support for toggling the visibility of markers on frontend :-) For a quick demo of this new feature, please have a look at our updated... Continue reading

Pro v2.7-beta3 with support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend & more is available

v2.7-beta3 includes all changes from v2.7-beta1 and v2.7-beta2 as well as CSS compatibility bugfixes, fixes for sorting of layers in the filter controlbox and some minor optimiziations under the hood.Please report any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form.The... Continue reading