Pro v2.5 with MMPAPI, enhanced AJAX support & more is available

After 2 months of intense development, v2.5 is finally available :-) Waseem Senjer and I worked hard on adding new features, optimizing the usability, fixing bugs and implementing lots of customer feedback - so please get a cup of coffee before starting to read the release notes which are longer than... Continue reading

Pro v2.4 with support for assigning markers to multiple layers & translation updates is available

I am happy to announce that Waseem Senjer who has already helped me out with coding issues in the past & who has been helping customers with custom development requirements involving Maps Marker Pro is now taking a more active role in the future development - welcome... Continue reading

Pro v2.3.1 with support for bootstrap tabs & security fixes is available

As Maps Marker Pro runs on your server, delivering a secure product is very important to us. 24 hours ago, we were contacted by Akamai who performed a intensive security review of Maps Marker Pro and found 3 potential XSS vulnerabilities. Although the exploitability was reported to be pretty low, we immediately... Continue reading

Pro v2.3 with geolocation enhancements and compatibility fixes is available

We aim at offering a sustainable service as well as stable and secure products to all of our users. As a result we were focusing on improving backend services and infrastructure as well as operational processes during the last 2 months and had to delay the regular developments as... Continue reading

Pro v2.2 with security improvements and fixes is available

Maps Marker Pro v2.2 focuses on security by fixing one medium-critical security vulnerability and by providing security improvements to the update process amongst other improvements. An update to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. Please read below for more details. Let me... Continue reading

Pro v2.1 with AJAX marker edit support & more is available

It all started with a tutorial about adding AJAX functionality to plugins by Pippin Williams. I thought "hey - that would really be a great addition to Maps Marker Pro", especially as reloading of the whole page after marker edits always annoyed me a lot. The tutorial... Continue reading

Pro v2.0 with GPX, layer management & security improvements is available

I am happy to announce Maps Marker Pro v2.0! This release adds improvements to layer management on backend and GPX improvements also on frontend as highlights. In addition, smaller under-the-hood optimizations and bugfixes as well as security enhancements have been added. Please read below for... Continue reading

Pro v1.9.2 with license proxy support & accessibility/screen reader improvements is available

Russian authorities blocked all servers from my hoster as they refused to take down a legal, but political website. As a result, Maps Marker Pro license validations began to fail from Russian customers. This version adds a license proxy which will help overcome that kind... Continue reading

Pro v1.9.1 focusing on bugfixes and refinements is available

This release is dedicated to Pippin from who wrote the inspiring post "Refinement: the greatly unappreciated aspect of project releases" :-) I also believe that in the long run fixing bugs and adding optimizations for existing features is more important than just adding new features -... Continue reading

Pro v1.9 with geolocation support and RTL fixes is available

After 5 weeks of development and testing v1.9 is finally available. As the main highlight pro v1.9 now also offers geolocation support. Furthermore lots of fixes and improvements under the hood have been implemented - many resulting from your valuable feedback. Please see below for more details about... Continue reading