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How to add multiple markers (=layer map) to a post or page

Important notice: the docs below partially focus on 3.1 functionalities – we are currently in the middle of updating our documentation for the new 4.0 release and kindly ask for some more patience until the updated docs are completed!

step 1: click on the submenu entry “Add new layer” in “Maps Marker Pro” (respectively) “Leaflet Maps Marker” admin menu


use the default simplified editor or click on “switch to advanced editor” in order to edit all available options:




next steps (click on the image for a larger view, description of the steps below the image):


  • step 2 (optional): add layer name (will be displayed in map panel)
  • step 3 (required): select layer center by selecting a place or an address or pasting coordinates or by clicking on the preview map
  • step 4 (optional): change map size
  • step 5 (optional): change zoom level by clicking on +/- or using your mouse wheel on preview map
  • step 6 (optional): select basemap you want to use
  • step 7 (optional): enable or disable marker clustering
  • step 8 (optional): set basemap overlay controlbox behaviour on frontend
  • step 9 (optional): set panel display status (=markername and API links on top of map)
  • step 10 (required): press button “add layer”

step 11 (required): press button “add new marker to this layer”:



next steps  – add markers to layer (click on the image for a larger view, description of the steps below the image):


  • step 12 (optional): add marker name
  • step 13 (required): select a place or an address or paste coordinates or set marker coordinates by clicking on the preview map.
  • step 14 (optional): select marker icon
  • step 15 (optional): set popup text
  • step 16 (required): press button “add marker”

If you want to add more markers to this layer, please follow the steps from the tutorial for adding markers and select the layer you want to add those marker to from the dropdown menu:



After you finished adding your markers to the layer map, you can optionally edit the layer map again and correct the zoom level and map size for example or select if a “list of markers” should be displayed below the layer map:


Finish layer map modifications by pressing the button “update layer” and copy the shortcode (required) – step 17:


Step 18 (required): paste shortcode in post or page where you want the map to appear


step 19 (required): click on publish and map gets displayed on post or page – finished 🙂