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Dev changelog for Maps Marker Pro

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Please note: the dev version has not been released yet! The table below shows a list of new features, changes and fixes which have already been implemented for the next version – which will be released once it passes our tests and meets our quality criteria.

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Development changelog for version 4.0

complete rewrite / refactorization of the code base from procedural to object oriented
separation of JavaScript from PHP to allow for caching and significantly increase page loading speed
decreased download size for marker data, allowing for up to 75% faster map loading
advanced customisation for maps: settings are now saved on a map basis instead of globally
upgraded leaflet.js ("the engine of Maps Marker Pro") from v1.0.3 to v1.3.4 including optimizations and bugfixes - please see blog post on and full changelog for more details
support for gpx elevation charts and waypoints
support for HERE basemaps
options to display the list of markers right or left to a layer map
option to add a link instead of a popup for markers
Leaflet.GestureHandling support (prevents users from getting trapped on the map when scrolling a long page)
(retired) Wikitude augmented reality API has been replaced with API
optimized permission system with Maps Marker Pro capabilities for better access control (attention: by default only admins have access!)
fractional zoom support (new interaction options: zoomDelta and zoomSnap)
separate settings to show address, coordinates (new) and directions of markers in popup
support for Google Traffic and Google Transit layers (disabled by default)
support for bing canvas dark, canvas light and canvays grey basemaps
option to set maximum boundaries for maps to limit panning (button "restrict to current view")
possibility to override global settings for each map by using new shortcode parameters
batch selection buttons (all/none) for layers in filter controlbox
API dashboard for Photon@Mapsmarker geocoding at showing the API usage of the last hour
Relaunched! Our new website is live
automatically parse map shortcodes in category & post tag description and term fields
support for condensed attribution
options to change positions of all available control boxes
option to add existing markers to maps added with shortcodes only (e.g. [mapsmarker lat="48" lon="16" markers="1,2,3,4"] )
new shortcode parameter tabbed="true" for displaying maps in tabs
Easily change defaults for new maps by using the "Save current values as defaults for new maps" feature
compatibility check for LiteSpeed Cache which can cause maps to break
improved performance by reducing the number of database queries needed and the use of caches where possible
optimized CSS & JS loading mechanism resulting in load time reduction of up to 20%
CSV/XLS(X)/ODS import/export has been replaced with native JSON import/export feature (tutorial for converting JSON into office formats)
simplified map concept: "marker maps" have been removed, "layer maps" were renamed to "maps" (to which you can assign objects like markers)
simplified multi-layer-map concept, now called filters with the option for custom sort order of filters
Photon@Mapsmarker: show streetnames+housenumbers for geocoding results if available
removed MapQuest basemap support (due to MapQuest basemaps now requiring their own API, making them incompatible to be implemented into a standard Leaflet installation; existing MapQuest maps will be switched to OpenStreetMap automatically)
removed depreciated Mapbox v3 integration (will be replaced with v4 with a future release)
removed six compatibility checks for plugins/themes which are not needed anymore due to Maps Marker Pro 4.0 rewrite
removed settings for (depreciated) mobile web app launch images and add simplified support for web app icons
replaced (retired) Visualead QR code generator with local jQuery QR code generator (QR codes can now be accessed on backend / "list all maps" only)
disabled tooltips by default on mobile devices as hover event is not available (thx Dirk!)
set interaction option "tap" to false by default to prevent issues with scrolling over maps on mobile devices (thx Thomas!)
increased rate limit for Photon@MapsMarker geocoding from 5.000 to 10.000 requests per day and from 10 to 20 requests per second
load map tiles for OSM Black&White and DE variant via https to prevent mixed-content warnings (thx Annette!)
reduced timeouts for license API fallback calls to prevent issues on sites with connection issues
update leaflet-locatecontrol from v0.58 to v0.62 (includes bugfixes & leaflet 1.1.0 compatibility)
update leaflet-fullscreen codebase (support AMD and Node/CommonJS module systems, thx mpschaeuble!)
updated minimap addon from v3.4.0 to v3.5.0 (support for miminize/restore events - release notes)
optimized plugin folder structure (some plugin compatibility configs might need to be re-applied)
updated Algolia autocomplete.js from v0.21.7 to v0.28.2 (changelog)
updated es6-promise for IE11/Google Mutant from v4.1.0 to v4.1.1 (bugfix release)
updated Leaflet.MarkerCluster.LayerSupport from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4 (fixing issues with chunkedLoading)
do not strip input tags from popuptexts if option "HTML filter for popuptexts (wp_kses)" is enabled
updated EdgeBuffer plugin for pre-loading tiles beyond the edge of the visible map to v1.0.6
minimum required WordPress version for Maps Marker Pro increased to 4.5 (needed for Gutenberg compatibility)
removed hash plugin
shortcode parsing for WordPress audio and video tags in popups on layer maps was broken if wp_keses() was enabled
list of markers: show entries only once if marker is assigned to several layers
activation & deactivation functions were not processed since v3.0
broken permalink compatibility check returning wrong URL
incorrect marker count on list of markers when using multi-layer-maps
incorrect content-type when using callback for GeoJSON
WPML/Polylang: missing string registration for translatable elements if importer is used (thx Laurent!)
admin dashboard widget could be broken if PHP 7.1+ was used
OOM (Out of memory) error during SPBAS local key validation
manual selection of Slovenian as interface language was broken (thx Igor!)
Google logo link was broken on iOS devices
improved: global sanitation check for settings array instead of individual output filtering
updated German translation thanks to Daniel Luttermann and Thorsten Gelz→ contribute