WPML translation support for multilingual maps

Since v2.9 Maps Maker Pro makes it easy to build multilingual maps by fully supporting the translation solution WPML.

This tutorial will show you how to properly use this feature to display your map content in different languages.

Prerequisite: active WPML plugins

If you have not installed WPML yet, please navigate to Plugins / Add New / Commercial to start the purchase and installation of WPML (Maps Marker Pro is compatible with all available WPML packages):

As next step you will be taken directly to the checkout page on the WPML website.

After you have finish your purchase, please start registering your site by clicking the “Register WPML” button:

After registration is finished, please download and activate the following plugins:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML String Translation

Afterwards the WPML installation is finished and you can start translating.

Translatable strings

The following user-generated strings can be translated using the WPML string translation plugin:

Marker maps

  • marker name
  • address
  • popuptext

Layer maps

  • layer name
  • address

Batch initialization of existing strings

On the “Tools”-page you will find a WPML tool which allows you to prepare all existing maps strings for translation:

Using this tools is not needed if you have not created any markers yet or if you want to add multilingual support for selected maps only.

How to start a translation

You will find 3 “(translate)” links next to markername, address and popuptext on marker edit pages:

On layer edit pages there are 2 “(translate)” links available:

In addition, you will also find translate links on the “list all markers” and “list all layers” page when hovering the name of the map:

Clicking on one of those links opens the WPML string translation interface for the selected map, below an example for a layer map:

As next step you have to click on translations, which opens input fields for all your available translations. Enter the translation, tick the checkbox “Translation is complete” and finish by clicking the button “Save”:

That´s it. Embed the link to your map in a post and use e.g. a WPML language switcher widget to verify the results. 

How to update existing translations

If you want to update existing translations for your maps, please also use the translate links described above or navigate to WPML / String translation

and select the map you would like to update from the dropdown:

Frequently asked questions

Q: my translations are not displayed.
A: make sure that the status of your strings is “Translation complete” by ticking the appropriate checkbox – only strings with this status are processed by WPML.

Q: my translations are not shown on backend.
A: Maps Marker Pro supports WPML for frontend maps – switching language on backend (e.g. via admin bar) is not supported.

Q: I click on a “translate” link for an existing marker but WPML does not find any related strings?
A: either use the related Tool to batch-initialize all existing strings for WPML or save the marker once before clicking on the “translate”-link – this will update the strings for WPML.

If you have any issues with the WPML plugins, please consult the WPML support, if your issues is Maps Marker Pro related or if have any further questions, please open a support ticket.