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78 thoughts on “Roadmap

  1. Hi Robert, excuse me but “MapsMarker Pro Roadmap” is a different plugin from “MapsMarker Pro”?

    However, I see this feature-beyond are very interesting.
    I tell you what I search:

    1. A full integration with Buddypress, so the member can add or less markers bye buddypress’ pannel.
    2. A news point markers’ widget (as that you have create yet!), but customizable by space: 10km, 20km, 30km or more from any place choose. Already for buddypress.
    3. A link automatic to member that create his icon, inside the icon’s cloud.
    4. The members should have put its icons also by screen of the map, clicking on display (as happen on google maps yet!), not only by any pannel!

    But the work you do for the time being, is good and promising. I hope in you. If you end your modify in two year, you remember about me and send me an email. I will dowload plugin, try it and if all ok I purchase it (if I will have a work to pay it).

    For the moment, I don’t discover as block the map when I open page and see the map. By mouse, the map isn’t motionless but enlarge and decrease by mouse automaticly. How I can block the automatic enlarge/decrease? I hope I explain well.

    • “Roadmap” means planned features for “Maps Marker Pro”, no new plugin.

      Regarding better buddypress-integration: this is planned for a later release, but can´t tell you details about this yet. Anyway I will check which of your suggestion can be implemented.

      Regarding “motionless map”: I guess you mean that the zoom level changes when mouse wheel is used. This can be disabled in Settings / Map Default / “Interaction options” by setting “scrollWheelZoom” to false.


  2. Hi, Robert!

    I just wanted to say that I love this plugin and all the work that you’ve put into it, I’m very grateful for it and you!

    I’m very excited about the upcoming mass-import feature (csv/excel) in v1.4, and in addition to that I have a feature that I’d like to see in the future sometime. This feature may already be available though and I just haven’t noticed it yet.

    1. The option for the plugin to be able to determine the location of the site visitors and give them the ability to find pins within a certain distance of their location.

    Example: I’d like to be able to view the map, have the map determine my location, and then have the map give me the option of finding pins within a 15/25/50/100 mile radius. Basically, I’d like to be able to find pins that are near me based on the browser determining my location.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    -Chris Dees

  3. One feature that would be great would be to allow users to select markers of interest – thereby building the basis for an itinerary of travel destinations which could be captured and emailed via forms.

    Is there any plan for this sort of feature?

  4. First of all: it’s just an amazing and very professional plugin! Thanks a lot for your work!!

    I’m not sure, but wouldn’t it be a nice feature for updating a journey or track some routes automaticly from a smartphone in a personal blog map? I’m looking for a solution… Maybe there is already one, with an API and an App which sends in a regular time a request to a webservice or something like this…but i can’t find it, even after hours of googling…


  5. Is it possible to fund the development of additional features (e.g. adding markers from frontend) so we can rely on a release date?
    Regards, Nico

    • Hi Nico,
      I currently dont have the ressources to be able to offer guaranteed release dates for features (might change in the future though). Anyway if you were using the MapsMarker API you would already be able by now to build for example a form which allows adding markers from frontend (without direct marker location selection on map though – address sent through the API is geocoded though)

  6. I am requesting that you add a feature that displays a list of current markers in map view. Similar to this example but also include a way to link each item in the list to the actual marker it represents. So if someone clicked one of the links in the list, the marker would highlight or bounce or show its label (something?).

  7. I maintain a web site for a walking club and for each day out there are usually three routes for which I create the GPX files. I was hoping that I would be able to show a map which displayed the three routes but it seems that only one route can be displayed so the ability to add multiple gpx routes would be great.

    I know there is a merge function available but this just links to a web site where for some reason I am told that my gpx files do not contain any GPX points. They work okay on sites like which incidentally displays multiple routes.

    Hopefully you may include it in some future update.

    • Hi Norman,
      support for multiple gpx files on one map are currently not planned as that would require a major upgrade of the code and other features are currently more asked for (like import, filtering etc). Too bad anyway that merging does not work for you – I suggest trying to convert your files with GPS babel into different formats and convert it back to GPX finally – this should also produce valid outputs – then you could give merging possibly another try.
      sorry for not having a better solution here at the moment,

      • Hi Robert,

        I second that. A HUGE desire to see multiple tracks, or some way to show tracks in different colors. Seems this is something to think about anyway for when you add functionality to add shapes and polys by digitizing on a map.

        Thanks for all the hard work though. It is great to see so many updates to the best mapping plugin out there.

  8. Hi Robert

    I’ve only been exploring MapsMarker for a few days but, as you know, have already committed to it by buying a licence. Great work Robert and thank you for your timely support thus far.

    A feature that I feel is currently absent, and shouldn’t present too much of a challenge, is the ability to change the sort order of markers in the list beneath a layer map (where this option is selected). Currently they appear to be sorted by the marker ID/time of creation.

    A custom sort order with controls to move the marker either up or down the list plus a check box, that takes precedence, to sort alphabetically would be ideal.

    Whilst the markers can only be used on one layer map this could be achieved directly within the ‘leafletmapsmarker_markers’ table with the addition of 1 field. However, I do note the ‘assign markers to multiple layers’ item in the roadmap above, this would be a great feature as well. This would complicate the matter a little requiring a separate relational link table so maybe this would be wise from the outset if you think my suggestion is a valid one.

    Thanks again for this great plugin. Regards Chas.

    • sorting of markers in the list of markers is currently only possible through the backend (settings / map defaults / list of marker settings / sort order); will keep that in mind when updating the roadmap…

  9. Robert, another suggestion:

    The ability to search layers on the layers list page in the same way as you have already included a search for markers on the markers list page.

    Not that relevant if you only have a few layers, but on projects with 100s of layers this would be an extremely useful feature.

    Many thanks, Chas

  10. I hope that in v. 1.7 it’s possible to filter markers by custom fields. For example: I have a map with a lot of restaurants. It would be nice to add “WiFi” (or something else) with options “yes” and “no” and after using filter show only restaurants with wireless Internet.

    If it’s not in plans, maybe you will think about this? 🙂

    Sorry for my bad English! 🙂

    • Hi Rafal,
      actually I plan to add filtering support for multi layer maps as a first steps. This would meen that if you created a multi-layer-map “Vienna” which consists of sub-layer-maps “WIFI” and “restaurants”, you can toogle those layers by a checkbox in the layer control box. As a next step I am evaluating the possibility to toggle marker based on the icon used.

      • Thanks for your answer!
        I suggest that it will be better to choose a few layers for each marker and add filtering by a few options. For example: marker “X” should be in layer Vienna AND layer “WiFi”. In the front-end you may choose city and other options. In your way it will be a problem if you want do add ex. Berlin, because you need to create layer WiFi – Berlin, WiFi – Vienna. If you will have 20-30 cities it will be very complicated 🙂

    • This plugin is very, very nice! If they add possibility to change basemaps it will be much better than Maps Maker… so I hope that categories, makers details and better markers list (it should be like in Map List Pro) will be add to Maps Maker soon!

  11. Dear Robert!
    Great job!
    Another idea may be be to adopt the number (and content) of the marker list below the map to the markers shown in the visible clipping of the original map. Especially for maps with numerous markers this would be a very helpful feature for visitors of the map. I have in mind a similar feature as in google map search, where you can see the limited number of results in the side bar.
    Wish you well!

  12. Hi,
    Beautiful Maps 🙂

    I like to see these:
    1) import markers from lat/long held in a custom field from existing post. (works with Posts & CPTs also)
    2) support for filtering of markers on frontend (taxonomy filter)


    • As said before, filtering on frontend is planned for v1.7 or v1.8.
      Regarding import markers from custom field: also planned but no release version yet, as I havent figured out the best approach to implement this…

  13. Hi,
    Feature Request if it is not possible today –
    Allow Front end switching of layers in a multi layer map.
    So layer A B and C – user can select to view A B or C at front end.
    Admin sets default visible layer(s)

  14. Hey there,

    I see that support for adding markers to multiple layers is in priority list C. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that it’s personally my most anticipated feature, and I’d love to know roughly when you’ll be rolling that out. I run a site with bars, restaurants, etc, and many locations are listed under multiple categories. If I was to put a map on the main pages, I would be missing locations as I’d have to choose one or the other (unless I did duplicate locations, different layers, which is messy).

    Anyway, keep up the great work, and pas along any information if you can!

    • Hi Porter,
      thanks for your feedback! I am working hard to add new features from the roadmap, although “good thing takes time” – so I kindly ask you for your patience until that feature is available…

  15. Is there a chance to prioritize the drawing function to this script? This is why I would bought premium version of this script.

    • Hi Luke,
      drawing function is on the roadmap with a rather low priority, sorry – will still take some time till this is implemented…

  16. Hi Robert,

    Keep up the great work. Just adding in a reminder for a feature to allow mapping of distinct lines so we can do trail mapping etc with each line/trail being a different color. If this can be accomplished via KML files, then fantastic – that would work perfectly.

    Can’t wait for filtering of markers on frontend!!!

  17. “better integration into the publication workflow (adding markers from posts or as custom post type)”

    “search for markers on frontend”

    With these two features we can build anything(directory, shop locator, local classifieds, etc) i need it!!!:)

    • thx for your Feedback Ivan – both features are already on the roadmap, just cant tell you a release date yet…

      • Hi and thank you for your work on Mapsmarker pro 😉 quick question: where are you on “better integration into the publication workflow”?

        tank you in advance for your answer, have a great day,

  18. Hi See that filtering of layers on front end has been in the roadmap for over a year now and lots of people want this feature, any schedule for it or will I have to try and develop myself 😀

    • Hi Ian,
      I am sorry, I know I have been behind schedule here – currently I am establishing cooperations with other developers helping me to be able to release newer complex features more quickly. Filtering on frontend will be one of the first projects we aim at, my aim is to release it before end of 2014. Therefore I kindly ask you for your continued patience…

    • Hi Shaun,
      didnt know Mapillary before – looks like an interesting project. If they decide to also offer a leaflet plugin, I might consider adding it to my plugin too – the current API offered is not suited to work with my plugin though…

  19. Have been using for a few months now. It great and so far I have not had any trouble. Really great job!!!

    Only thing that is starting to bug me is duplication of pins. It would be great if pins could be added to more than one layer.

    • thanks for your feedback Paddy – this feature is on the roadmap, although with a lower priority, so I cant tell you a release date for this, sorry…

  20. Hi, suggest a option to download a gpx file (when this is submitted of course), like kml offer.
    Also an elevation chart, very important for hiking sites.

    • download of the GPX file (in the GPX panel) will be added sooner than eleveation charts, which are also on the roadmap, but much more complex to implement…

  21. Hello,

    What I would find most useful is the ability to link a marker with another piece of data , e.g. I’m collecting infos relative to ‘initiatives’ using Pods then, using the API, I create a marker and the marker links back to the initiatives.

    Unfortunately, as I didn’t find a way to add an additional field to a marker, I can’t even do it manually…

    So, at least provide default additional user-defined fields (1 to 3) and let the users decide to either display the current link or to something else (an initiative record in my case).

    Basically, I would like to be able to do as in Drupal where I can add geolocation to any content type. As WordPress works differently, at least we should be able to cross-reference different record types.


  22. One more very useful thing is the ability for the reader to show/hide the different layers in a multi-layered map, but it has already been mentioned…

  23. Dear Marker-pro

    A very usefull opportunity is the possibility to create a owner layer where only the owner can add a marker. The perfect solution is that it’s possible to choose:
    – public
    – private
    – only selected group or user (selecting from a list);
    In a multisite solution where more people can enjoy to add layer and marker it’s not nice that everyone can add a marker in my layer. It shoud be a opportunity to favourite a job’s group.

    • Hi Enrico,
      thanks for the feedback! The current permission settings available at Settings / Misc / General Settings allow you to set which userlevel is needed to edit/delete markers from other users. Havent thought about the option to also use a similar setting for adding marker to a layer – sounds like a good idea (like a new setting: “User level needed for assigning markers to layers created by others”). On the other hand I have been thinking about adding publication workflow support (draft/review/publish/private…) – anyway I need to think again about this, as each enhancement has to fit into the (already quite complex) architecture of the plugin.

  24. Hi and thank you for your work on this amazing plugin!

    I just read this post and noticed you planned a “better integration into the publication workflow (adding markers from posts or as custom post type)”.

    I would greatly need this to make a best use of Maps Marker Pro:
    – adding markers from posts and CPTs by giving them a location and a layer where to belong, directly from the post edit page in backend
    – even better would be the possibility to give a post multiple locations

    Is this the kind of things that you plan? do you have approximately an idea when such features could be released?

    thank you so much in advance for your help,

    • I forgot something:
      – creating markers directly from posts, it would be great to still have control on what goes into the infobox (post excerpt? rich html? link to post? directions? thumbnail? …)

      thank you again and have a great day,

    • I guess with such features and how great the plugin already is, one could build almost anything that would need to be map based … I’m really amazed by your work, hats off!

      • Hi Emilien,
        thanks for your feedback – I will definitely take this into account when starting working on better integration in the default WordPress publication workflow. Anyway this still will take some time, as other features like filtering and search on frontend are on the roadmap with a higher priority, so I cannot tell you a release date for that feature – so I kindly ask for your patience here!

  25. some kind of integration with ACF ? So mapsmarker can read coordinates from ACF field or has its own ACF field ?
    this could be the way for better workflow on the current roadmap/wish-list…

  26. Hi Chris,

    I’ve managed to integrate MM with ACF by doing the following:

    1. Create a select field in ACF called – I use ‘map_marker’ – obviously make it available for whatever template file or CPT you require.

    2. In your functions.php file or MU plugin file use the wpdb class and ACFs load_field filter to return a list of available markers from the ‘wp_leafletmapsmarker_markers’ table:

    add_filter('acf/load_field/name=map_marker', 'my_acf_mapsmarker_choices');

    function my_acf_mapsmarker_choices($field){

    $field['choices'] = array();

    // Required to make use of the wpdb Class
    global $wpdb;

    // Query the database

    $query = $wpdb->prepare('SELECT * FROM %1$s ORDER BY ID ASC', 'wp_leafletmapsmarker_markers');
    $results = $wpdb->get_results($query);

    // Check for $results
    if(!empty($results)) :

    foreach($results as $result) :

    $value = $result->id;
    $label = $result->markername;

    $field['choices'][ $value ] = $label;

    return $field;

    3. Create a php template part e.g. ‘query-map-marker.php’. In this file use the following code to output the shortcode anywhere in your theme:

    4. In the dashboard edit your specified page template where you’ll now have a list of available markers

    5. In your theme call:

    6. View page. Smile 🙂

    Note: You can also do the same with layers using layerID in place of markerID

  27. Number 3 should read:

    $markerID = get_field('map_marker');

    if ($markerID == '')

    else { echo do_shortcode( '[mapsmarker marker="' . $markerID . '"]'); }

    Number 5 should read:


    • Hi Marco,
      Thats extremely kind of you to share all this and its a huge help for me. Thankyou so much 🙂 🙂 🙂


  28. Hello,

    This is a great plugin, I have a request about the Marker-list in the back-end.

    My list is now big, really big. Is it posible to make before the search box an dropdown menu, with the layers in it?

    If you select then a layer in the dopdown menu, that you only get the markers to see for that layer?

    • Hi Jelle,
      thanks for your feedback!
      We are currently working on v2.7 which will add filters for multi-layer-maps on frontend, as well as support for paging for the list of markers below layer maps. Will check, if we can also add a search box for the list of markers with v2.7 (if not, this will be done with a later version)

  29. Hallo Robert,
    wie schaut es mit dem angedachten Feature Höhenprofil bei gpx Tracks anzeigen lassen aus? Kann ich hoffen, das es demnächst kommt. (Gleiche Frage wie Phippe) Wäre toll wenn das demnächst kommen könnte.

    • Hallo Dietmar,
      muss auch dich leider noch vertrösten – kann dir derzeit noch kein Releasedate für dieses Feature nennen.

  30. Hallo Robert,
    schade aber trotzdem Danke.

    Zumindest klingt es danach als dass es zumindest noch auf der wird-irgendwann-gemacht-liste ist 🙂

    Auf jeden Fall Kompliment fürs die letzten Äbderungen. Das Multilingual Feature ist auf toll!

    Grüße aus Südtirol

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