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I can only see one marker icon after installation – where are the others?

I have tested the plugin installation successfully on webservers of different hosting providers. Nethertheless in some rare cases you might get following warning after the first activation of the plugin:

Warning: the custom map icon directory at /wp-contents/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons could not be created due to file permission settings on your webserver. Leaflet Maps Marker will work as designed, but only with one map icon available.

This means that the installation was successful but the default map icons included in the plugins package could not be unzipped due to permissions settings on your server. The plugin will work as designed though – but only with one map icon available.

If you want to add the included default map icons manually, please follow these steps:

  1. Create the directory /wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons/
  2. free version:
    copy the file /wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker/inc/img/mapicons/ to the directory /wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons/
    pro version:
    copy the file /wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker-pro/inc/img/mapicons/ to the directory /wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons/
  3. unzip into the directory /wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons (you can also unzip the file locally & upload the icons)

After that, the default map icons should be available for selection on marker and layer maps. You can also repeat the steps above for more map icons from the Map Icons Collection, which consist of over 700 map icons which are compatible with Leaflet Maps Marker.

Please note that if you had to follow the steps above for the map icons to show up, the plugin´s uninstall function might also not work completely on your server (resulting in files still on your webserver after uninstall of the plugin through WordPress / Plugins). You might then have to uninstall the directory wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons manually too.

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