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Google map tiles are not displayed when using Newspaper theme

If you are using the theme Newspaper available on Envato market it can be that map tiles for Google basemaps are not visible:

This is caused by the theme´s style.css – we already contacted the support and hope that the issue will be fixed with a new release of Newspaper theme soon.

Until this fix is available, you can workaround this issue by navigating to Newspaper / Theme Panel, select the tab “Custom code” and add the following CSS to the section “Custom CSS”: .td-animation-stack .entry-thumb, .post img {
    opacity: unset !important;

as an alternative you can also add the following CSS:

.maps-marker-pro img {
    opacity: 1 !important;

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I cannot update a map or marker as the save button is disabled

If the “Save”-button on map or marker edit pages is disabled and cannot be clicked, it is likely that this is caused by a plugin conflict. To verify this, please disable all other plugins but Maps Marker Pro and try again. If it works afterwards, please enable all other plugins one by one again to find out which plugin is causing this issue and let us know in a support ticket which plugin so that we can check if we can fix this from our side.

If this does not help, it is likely that there might be an issue with your general WordPress AJAX endpoint. Have a look into the browser console (can be opened with key F11 for example) to see if there are any error messages. Send us these error messages in a support ticket so that we can have a closer look.

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Geocoding error “OVER_QUERY_LIMIT”

If you are getting the error OVER_QUERY_LIMIT when trying to geocode an address with Google set as geocoding provider, this means that you exceeded the Google Maps Platform web services usage limits by:

  • sending too many requests per day or e.g. by
  • sending requests too fast, i.e. too many requests per second

The above problems can be address by combining two approaches:

  1. Lowering usage, by optimizing applications to use the web services more efficiently.
  2. Increasing usage limits, when possible, by purchasing additional allowance for your Google Maps APIs for Work license.

We´d suggest to login to your Google API console and check and adjust your usage limits there.

As an alternative you can switch to another geocoding provider.

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No geocoding results for a specific address or location

Maps Marker Pro allows you to choose from different geocoding providers which enables you to get the best results according to your needs. For a list of available geocoding providers and instructions on how to activate them, please have a look at

Please be aware that each geocoding provider uses different sources with different update cycles. Nevertheless it can be, that no result is found for an address, which definitely exists though. If this is the case for you, we´d recommend to switch to another geocoding provider to verify if the exact address is found there, e.g. by using the dropdown which shows all active geocoding providers:

If there is still no result found, you can help all OpenStreetMap based geocoding services (all but Google Geocoding) to improve their dataset by submitting the address. For more information on how to help improve address data for OpenStreetMap, please have a look at the following sites:

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“File type not permitted for security reasons” error when trying to upload a gpx file

This issue should be fixed with Maps Marker Pro v4.3 and higher – please update to the latest version for this fix to apply.

If you still experience this issue, please add the following code to wp-config.php, which should re-enable the upload of .gpx files:


If this does not help on your site, please have a look at other options available from this external tutorial.

If you are still experiencing issue afterwards, please open a support ticket.

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Marker icon window is overlapped by map

If you want to change the icon of a marker and the icon window is hidden behind the map when clicking the “Change” button for icons, this is usually caused by a plugin conflict (some plugins do not follow best practices and embedd their javascripts and CSS files on every admin page and not just where needed).

You can either find and disable the plugin causing this or add the following code at the end your
theme´s functions.php to fix this:

/* Maps Marker Pro - fix for icon modal being hidden by other plugins or themes using jquery ui */
function mmp_icon_modal_visibility_workaround() {
    $current_screen = get_current_screen();
    if ( ($current_screen->base == 'maps-marker-pro_page_mapsmarkerpro_marker') || ($current_screen->base == 'maps-marker-pro_page_mapsmarkerpro_map') ) {
    echo '<style>.ui-dialog { z-index: 99999 !important; }</style>';
add_action('admin_head', 'mmp_icon_modal_visibility_workaround');
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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in maps-marker-pro.php

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /wp-content/plugins/maps-marker-pro/maps-marker-pro.php on line 66

If you see the error above when trying to activate Maps Marker Pro, this usually means that the PHP version used on your server is too low. 

Maps Marker Pro requires at least PHP 5.4 to run properly, anyway as PHP 5.4 is already outdated and does not receive updates (including security fixes!) anymore since September 2015, we stronlgy recommend to a currently supported PHP version (7.x).

To fix this, please either switch your PHP version through your hosting control panel if possible or contact your hosting provider support to switch the PHP version for you.


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“For development purposes only” error on Google basemaps

If you see the error “For development purposes only” on your map using Google basemaps, please open your browser console (e.g. by pressing the key F12 in Firefox or Chrome) and switch to the “Console” tab e to see more details about the error:

In the example above, the error is NoApiKeys, which means the mandatory Google Maps Javascript API key is missing.

Anyway most errors are related to your Google Maps Javascript API key, which is needed in order to display Google Maps properly.

So to fix this, please proceed as follows:

  1. make sure you registered a Google Maps Javascript API key, see tutorial for details. Please also make sure that you have saved your credit card details in the Google API console, which is needed since the Google ToS changes from summer 2018.
  2. if your error is RefererNotAllowedMapError please re-check step 6 from the tutorial and make sure you set the your accepted referrer for the domain where the map is embedded is configured correctly, like **

For all other errors please have a look at the error reference at where you will also find a possible solution.

If this still does not help, please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help.

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Error “Failed to send request” when trying to migrate to v4

This error indicates that there are some issues with your AJAX configuration respectively wp-admin/admin-ajax.php endpoint.

To verify this, please open the browser console (e.g. with F12 in Firefox or chrome), switch to the “Console” tab and reload the page and click on “Check migration” again to verify if there are any additional error messages:

If you do not see an error message there, please switch to the “Network” tab and reload the page and click on “Check migration” again to verify if there are any additional error messages:

From the screen above you see that the request failed with the Status (=HTTP error code) 404 – in this example, the file /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php was not available.

It is more likely though, that you will see Status 500 (= Internal Server Error) here. The 500 Internal Server Error is the general catch all error when the server throws an exception. It is the error message when no more specific error message is suitable and is in most cases directly related to a server misconfig or issue.

So what do now?

First, please try to temporarily disable all other plugins but Maps Marker Pro to verify that this issue is not caused by a plugin conflict.

If this does not help, please have a look at the server error log like PHP or Apache error log when that request is made and which might give you a clue why this error happens on your server.

If this still does not help, please check if one of the following tutorial can help you find the reasons for this server error:

If this still does not help, we´d advise to get in contact with your hosting support so that they can analyse why the request to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php fails when trying to run the migration tool.

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Console error “MapsMarkerPro is not defined”

If your maps do not show up and your browser console is showing the error “MapsMarkerPro is not defined” please proceed as follows:

  1. If you are using any caching plugins, please try first to clear any involved caches.
  2. First check if this issue might be caused by a plugin conflict. To verify this, please temporarily disable all other plugins but Maps Marker Pro and try again.
  3. If this did not return any results, please verify if your template files include hooks for wp_head() in header.php and wp_footer() in footer.php (which are needed to properly load scripts and styles from Maps Marker Pro). 
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