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Plugin cannot be activated – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘MMP\SPBAS’ not found

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘MMP\SPBAS’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/maps-marker-pro/classes/maps-marker-pro.php:111

If you are receiving the error above upon plugin activation, it is likely that your server has a security layer (like mod_security) which resulted in deleted on specific obfuscated Maps Marker Pro files. Those files are obfuscated by default to protect the license validation mechanism and if the security layer is configured to strictly, those files can be falsly identified as malware.

To fix this, please update to v4.10 or higher. If you are still experiencing issues, please open a support ticket.

To fix this, please contact your hoster and ask them to add the following 3 files to the whitelist of the security layer:

  • /wp-content/plugins/maps-marker-pro/classes/menu-license.php
  • /wp-content/plugins/maps-marker-pro/classes/shortcodes.php
  • /wp-content/plugins/maps-marker-pro/classes/spbas.php

If this is done, re-download the current plugin package (respectively the version you are using from our release archives if it is not the current one) and manually re-upload the 3 files above via FTP.

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Google map tiles are not displayed when using Newspaper theme

If you are using the theme Newspaper available on Envato market it can be that map tiles for Google basemaps are not visible:

This is caused by the theme´s style.css – we already contacted the support and hope that the issue will be fixed with a new release of Newspaper theme soon.

Until this fix is available, you can workaround this issue by navigating to Newspaper / Theme Panel, select the tab “Custom code” and add the following CSS to the section “Custom CSS”: .td-animation-stack .entry-thumb, .post img {
    opacity: unset !important;

as an alternative you can also add the following CSS:

.maps-marker-pro img {
    opacity: 1 !important;

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I cannot update a map or marker as the save button is disabled

If the “Save”-button on map or marker edit pages is disabled and cannot be clicked, it is likely that this is caused by a plugin conflict. To verify this, please disable all other plugins but Maps Marker Pro and try again.

If this does not help, it is likely that there might be an issue with your general WordPress AJAX endpoint. Have a look into the browser console (can be opened with key F11 for example) to see if there are any error messages. Send us these error messages in a support ticket so that we can have a closer look.

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Geocoding error “OVER_QUERY_LIMIT”

If you are getting the error OVER_QUERY_LIMIT when trying to geocode an address with Google set as geocoding provider, this means that you exceeded the Google Maps Platform web services usage limits by:

  • sending too many requests per day or e.g. by
  • sending requests too fast, i.e. too many requests per second

The above problems can be address by combining two approaches:

  1. Lowering usage, by optimizing applications to use the web services more efficiently.
  2. Increasing usage limits, when possible, by purchasing additional allowance for your Google Maps APIs for Work license.

We´d suggest to login to your Google API console and check and adjust your usage limits there.

As an alternative you can switch to another geocoding provider.

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No geocoding results for a specific address or location

Maps Marker Pro allows you to choose from different geocoding providers which enables you to get the best results according to your needs. For a list of available geocoding providers and instructions on how to activate them, please have a look at

Please be aware that each geocoding provider uses different sources with different update cycles. Nevertheless it can be, that no result is found for an address, which definitely exists though. If this is the case for you, we´d recommend to switch to another geocoding provider to verify if the exact address is found there, e.g. by using the dropdown which shows all active geocoding providers:

If there is still no result found, you can help all OpenStreetMap based geocoding services (all but Google Geocoding) to improve their dataset by submitting the address. For more information on how to help improve address data for OpenStreetMap, please have a look at the following sites:

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