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Pro-Feature: custom Google Maps styling

The pro version allows you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Below an example with roads hidden: Configuring these styles can easily be done by using the Google... Continue reading

Pro-Feature: mobile web app support for fullscreen maps

For a live demo of this feature please visit http://demo.mapsmarker.com Fullscreen maps are optimized for mobile devices in the pro version - not only by using native javascript instead of jquery but also by considering the viewport of the device used for example. Below a... Continue reading

Pro-Feature: visualead QR codes with caching support

For a live demo of this feature please visit http://demo.mapsmarker.com Leaflet Maps Marker Pro uses the QR provider Visualead.com as new default for creating QR code images to fullscreen maps: Since pro v1.5 the generated QR code images are cached to deliver a higher performance... Continue reading

Pro-Feature: remove backlinks, upload icon button & custom icon directory

For a live demo of these features please visit http://demo.mapsmarker.com Leaflet Maps Marker Pro offers the following features regarding backlinks and marker icons in contrast to the free version: 1. option to remove backlinks With the pro version you have the option to hide backlinks... Continue reading

Pro feature: Google Adsense for maps integration

As the Google javascript adsense library has been retired on November 2015, unfortunately this feature is not available anymore. Maps Marker Pro supports the integration of Google Adsense for maps. This allows you to add different types of ads to your Google maps: As always... Continue reading

Security issue confirmed – update to 3.5 is strongly advised!

I just got a confirmation from another user which reported that API links could be used under some circumstances to make SQL injections. All versions below 3.5 are affected and upgrade to v3.5 is therefore strongly advised! Continue reading

5 plugins para añadir mapas en tu blog de WordPress

MappingGIS.com posted a review of 5 mapping plugins for WordPress and listed Leaflet Maps Marker as #1, which is of course highly appreciated :-) If you have written a review about Leaflet Maps Marker or mapping plugins in general and would like to be listet... Continue reading

How to use basemap.at within Leaflet Maps Marker

Originally I built Leaflet Maps Marker to be able to display maps from http://data.wien.gv.at provided by the City of Vienna within their wonderful open government and open data initiative. I soon recognized that there is a much wider audience than the Viennese citizens which might... Continue reading

NFC and Leaflet Maps Marker? pingeb.org make this possible!

It could turn cities into a giant virtuel library or help artists get discovered more easily. pingeb.org, the freely available WordPress-plugin that works smoothly together with MapsMarker combines the real world with the web using NFC-tags or QR-code. Georg Holzer and Bruno Hautzenberger really did a... Continue reading

Thanks for 100 five-star-ratings, 23 reviews, 18 translations & more than 40.000 downloads!

I just want to say thank you for 100 five-star-ratings on wordpress.org, 23 great reviews, 18 translations and more than 40.000 downloads within just 11 month since the first release of the plugin! This really motivates me to keep on improving the plugin! Continue reading