Looking for developers to recommend to our clients for customizations

Are you a professional WordPress developer who knows the ins and outs of Maps Marker Pro? Great! Get in touch, and maybe we can recommend you to customers who want individual customizations or custom developments based on one of our Maps Marker Pro APIs. [caption... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro v4.11.1 – with a fix and optimiziations for share buttons – is available

Unfortunately a bug regarding share button slipped through our v4.11 release tests, so we decided to release v4.11.1 which fixes this issue and also adds a new option for the share button. For more details, please see below. An updated to the latest version is... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro v4.11 – with support for share buttons, GPX/filters optimizations and more – is available

We are happy to announce v4.11 with support for share buttons and GPX/filter optimizations as major highlight additionally to several smaller improvements and optimizations. An updated to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. Now let´s get to the highlights of this... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro supports HackTheCrisis hackathon

How can we as a society face the challenges posed by the Corona crisis, and nudge the development of new solutions together? “HACK THE CRISIS” Austria is a virtual hackathon organised by volunteers of the AustrianStartups Community, with support of the corporate- and public sector.... Continue reading

Interview with Robert on the TomTom developer blog

Since v4.6 Maps Marker Pro also supports high quality maps and geocoding provided by TomTom. If you want to know how this cooperation started and why we chose to implement TomTom, please check out the interview with Robert, which just has been published in the... Continue reading

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