Pro-Feature: advanced recent marker widget

For a live demo of this feature please visit The recent marker widget has been enhanced with Leaflet Maps Marker Pro: you are able to include or exclude markers and layers - allowing you to show only the markers you need on your site:... Continue reading

Pro-Feature: MapsMarker API

Maps Marker Pro include with an integrated API (GET+POST) which allows you to manage your markers and layers through external applications. For more details please visit the MapsMarker API docs. Continue reading

Pro-Feature: backup and restore of settings

For a live demo of this feature please visit Leaflet Maps Marker Pro allows you to backup and restore your settings: This makes it possible to quickly switch between different plugin profiles which makes it easier especially for users who want to deploy the... Continue reading

New website section: reviews (add yours too!)

So far Leaflet Maps Marker has received 142 ratings & 67 reviews - many thanks! Till now, especially reviews were only visible on my plugin page of As your reviews keep me motivated on improving the plugin even further and hopefully getting out the... Continue reading

Pro-Feature: HTML5 fullscreen maps

For a live demo of this feature please visit With the pro version you are able to add a fullscreen button to maps - thanks mapbox for this wonderful leaflet plugin! Clicking on this button will open the map in fullscreen view via HTML5... Continue reading