Maps Marker Pro supports HackTheCrisis hackathon

How can we as a society face the challenges posed by the Corona crisis, and nudge the development of new solutions together? “HACK THE CRISIS” Austria is a virtual hackathon organised by volunteers of the AustrianStartups Community, with support of the corporate- and public sector.... Continue reading

Interview with Robert on the TomTom developer blog

Since v4.6 Maps Marker Pro also supports high quality maps and geocoding provided by TomTom. If you want to know how this cooperation started and why we chose to implement TomTom, please check out the interview with Robert, which just has been published in the... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro v4.10 – with minor optimizations and bugfixes – is available

This release includes some minor optimizations and bugfixes. An updated to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. Now let´s get to the highlights of this release: improve geolocate error reporting If a user has disallowed geolcation or if there are any... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro v4.9.1 – with modernized popup design & importer update bugfix – is available

This release includes an important fix for the updated GeoJSON/CSV importer introduced in v4.9, which resulted in marker updates not being applied correctly. Furthermore we also modernized the default popup design, amongst some further optimisations and bugfixes. An updated to the latest version is -... Continue reading

Maps Marker Pro v4.9 – with GeoJSON shape+CSV-marker import & improved loading performance – is available

After 2 months of intense development we are happy to announce v4.9 which not only includes GeoJSON shape import as well as CSV marker import and export but also a significantly improved marker loading performance amongst lots of other optimisations and fixes. An updated to... Continue reading