Origin stories & coding challenges: 3 questions to Robert Harm

On this day two years ago we released the first version of Maps Marker Pro. The project has been growing ever since, we’ve been amazed by the feedback and positive response. A huge thank you to you, our users - we count ourselves lucky to... Continue reading

Pro v2.4 with support for assigning markers to multiple layers & translation updates is available

I am happy to announce that Waseem Senjer who has already helped me out with coding issues in the past & who has been helping customers with custom development requirements involving Maps Marker Pro is now taking a more active role in the future development - welcome... Continue reading

Pro v2.4-beta1 with support for assigning markers to multiple layers is available

I kindly invite all interested users in testing v2.4-beta1 and reporting any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form.The highlight of the upcoming release is support for assigning markers to multiple layers, so I kindly ask beta testers to... Continue reading

Help funding bigger servers for a growing OpenStreetMap

It's upgrade time! OpenStreetMap is growing, servers are projected to hit capacity by mid 2015. OpenStreetMap is a global community of dedicated and resourceful people, giving their time to make the best map of the world. Those mappers’ contributions are the largest part of the... Continue reading

Pro v2.3.1 with support for bootstrap tabs & security fixes is available

As Maps Marker Pro runs on your server, delivering a secure product is very important to us. 24 hours ago, we were contacted by Akamai who performed a intensive security review of Maps Marker Pro and found 3 potential XSS vulnerabilities. Although the exploitability was reported to be pretty low, we immediately... Continue reading

Pro v2.3 with geolocation enhancements and compatibility fixes is available

We aim at offering a sustainable service as well as stable and secure products to all of our users. As a result we were focusing on improving backend services and infrastructure as well as operational processes during the last 2 months and had to delay the regular developments as... Continue reading

Tutorial: how to create custom basemaps using MapTiler

With MapTiler you can turn images into interactive map layers that can be displayed within Maps Marker Pro as custom basemap respectively custom overlay: Matthew Sangster created a step-by-step tutorial available now at which shows you how you can create your own map image... Continue reading

Pro v2.2 with security improvements and fixes is available

Maps Marker Pro v2.2 focuses on security by fixing one medium-critical security vulnerability and by providing security improvements to the update process amongst other improvements. An update to the latest version is - as always - highly recommended. Please read below for more details. Let me... Continue reading

Map Icons Collection now hosted on

The Map Icons Collection is a set of more than 700 free icons to use as placemarks for your POI (Point of Interests) locations on your maps. The project was originally created by Nicolas Mollet and thanks to many contributors it has become a central... Continue reading

Mobile version of launched

As Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21, we prepared a new mobile-friendly version of If you access our site with your mobile device, you should from now be automatically redirected, example screenshot: In order not to run into any issues... Continue reading