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Maps Marker Pro allows you to pin, organize and share your favorite spots & tracks easily.
You can use maps from OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps or custom maps and additionally display your spots and tracks in innovative ways like through augmented-reality browsers → show available features

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This is so far the best map plugin I’ve used for WP! I’ve been searching for similar plugins in the past few years. I used GoogleMap directly, GoogleMap related plugins, a lot others… but nothing can compare with Leaflet Maps Maker. That is why I help translate this plugin and introduce to more Asian users. The feature that allows user to import KML files would be a plus to this five star plugin. Thanks for the great job, Robert. John Sheen

Demo map

You can also test the plugin on where you are allowed to login and test the admin pages of Maps Marker Pro before installing the plugin on your server.

Demo map with GPX track, clustering, list of markers, minimap & expanded controlbox

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Track name: | Start: | Distance: km | Duration: | Ø Pace: /km | Elevation: +m -m (net: m)
Demo map with GPX track: 38.639454, -121.331635
Marker for Cluster 1: 38.659885, -121.501236
Marker for Cluster 2 : 38.646479, -121.487503
Marker for Cluster 3: 38.631462, -121.490936
Marker for Cluster 4: 38.675754, -121.479263
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Demo map with GPX track
A great place to visit!
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Marker for Cluster 1
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