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Maps Marker Pro is your own, individual Geo-CMS (content management system). You can start straight away with our optimized default settings, but you’ve got the freedom of choice with more than 600 fully customizable features in back- and front-end. You can backup your custom settings anytime or reset them to default.

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Feature highlight - Multimaps

Multi maps

The more, the merrier: Use Google Maps, Open Street Map, Bing, Mapbox or any custom WMTS-map.


Keyless geocoding provider support

No need for additional API key registrations for you or your clients due to included keyless geocoding providers Mapzen Search, Algolia Places and Photon@Mapsmarker. Optional: use MapQuest Geocoding or Google Places with mandatory API key registration.


multi-layer-map filters

Allow your visitors to pick what they want to see by filtering markers on their frontend map.

  Feature highlight - Clustering

Marker clustering

Tidy maps, minimal loading time: Create animated marker clusters for each map.

Feature highlight - Augmented-Reality

Augmented reality

Display markers in Wikitude’s vision-based as well as location-based augmented reality browser.


Dynamic marker lists

Sort markers by date, name and distance to current position and search or browse through all markers.

Feature highlights: service and support

Service & support

Reach out via Twitter, Facebook, email or support ticket – in any way, we’re right here to help you.

  Feature highlight - GPX tracks

GPX tracks

Sometimes it’s all about the journey: display routes with optional metadata like distance, duration, pace or elevation.

Feature highlight - GPX tracks

Geolocation show & follow

And yet it moves: Share your current location and movements on the map in real time.

  Feature highlight: import and export

Import & export

From .cvs to .xlsx: Bulk options outside of WordPress ensure a smooth transition.

Feature highlight - translations

46 translations

Thanks to over 100 translators around the world, more languages are added regularly. Contribute and earn a license key!

  Image by Paul Downey (https://www.flickr.com/photos/psd/), license: CC-BY 2.0

Moral code

When it comes to security, privacy and documentation, we don’t compromise.

Feature highlights: API


Want to go even further? Build custom apps or integrate third-party- services with our fully featured APIs.


SEO optimized

improve the local SEO value of your site by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps.


WPML & Polylang support

Creating multilingual maps has never been easier, thanks to full support for the WPML translation and Polylang plugin.

  Feature highlight: Customizable Geo-CMS  

Customizable geo-CMS

Over 600 settings in front- and back-end: Start straight away with optimized default settings and reset to default anytime.

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Features Frontend

  • easily add a map to your site by using a shortcode in posts, pages, widgets or your template files
  • choose from up to 1000 custom free map icons from Maps Icons Collection
  • add popup description text or images for each marker, with full HTML and WordPress shortcode support
  • animated marker clustering functionality
  • choose your individual basemap, size and zoom level for each marker/layer map
  • use maps that do not reflect the real world (e.g. game, indoor or photo maps) by adding basemaps created by maptiler
  • show recent marker entries in an advanced widget anywhere on your site
  • show directions for your locations using Google Maps, yournavigation.org, openrouteservice.org or map.project-osrm.org
  • geolocation support: show and follow your location with real-time updates
  • display GPX tracks
  • configure up to 10 WMS servers to display additional information from external geo data providers (like the European Environment Agency) on your maps
  • export your markers as KML file for displaying in Google Earth (view screenshot) or Google Maps (view screenshot)
  • export your markers as GeoJSON for embedding in external websites or apps
  • subscribe to your markers via GeoRSS or for embedding in external websites or apps
  • export your markers as ARML for displaying in the augmented-reality browser from Wikitude (view screenshots)
  • GeoJSON feeds for every marker and layer with JSONP support
  • unobtrusive scale control
  • keyboard navigation support for maps
  • display a list of markers below layer maps
  • mobile optimized maps through use of native javascript instead of jQuery
  • optionally remove MapsMarker.com backlinks
  • mobile web app support for full screen maps and optimized mobile viewport
  • include Minimaps which add a small map in the corner which shows the same as the main map with a set zoom offset
  • optionally use custom Google Maps styling
  • automatically generated geo sitemap for all maps (for submitting to Google)
  • automatically add meta-tags with location information to maps
  • automatically add microformat geo-markup to maps
  • full support for responsive designs (automatic resizing of maps if viewport is wider than map width)
  • support for Retina displays to display maps in a higher resolution
  • full RTL (Right-to-Left) language support
  • full UTF8-support for cyrillic, chinese or other alphabets on marker/layername and marker popup text
  • support for 46 languages – please check out our translations platform if you want to contribute
  • support for google maps and bing map localization (cultures)
  • create QR codes with custom backgrounds
  • support for URL hashes for specific map views
  • highlight a marker on a layer map by opening its popup via shortcode attribute [ mapsmarker layer=”1″ highlightmarker=”2″ ] or by adding ?highlightmarker=2 to the URL where the map is embedded
  • XML sitemaps integration: improved local SEO value by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps (if plugin “Google XML Sitemaps” is active)
  • support for sorting list of markers below layer maps by distance from layer center
  • significantly decreased loadtimes for OpenStreetMap-based maps by supporting conditional & deferred Google Maps API loading (~370kb(!) less uncompressed data transmission)
  • Significantly improved performance for Google basemaps by using the leaflet plugin GoogleMutant
  • pre-loading for map tiles beyond the edge of the visible map to prevent showing background behind tile images when panning a map
  • Polylang translation support for multilingual maps (thx Thorsten!)
  • support for tooltips to display the marker name as small text on top of marker icons
  • option to open popups on mouse hover instead of mouse click
  • Pretty permalinks with customizable slug for fullscreen maps and APIs (e.g. https://www.mapsmarker.com/dev/free/maps/fullscreen/marker/1)
  • AMP support: show placeholder image for map with link to fullscreen view on AMP enabled pages

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Features Backend

  • support for CSV/XLS/XLSX/ODS import and export for bulk additions and bulk updates of markers
  • upload icon button & custom icon directory
  • backup settings: settings are easily transferable
  • restore to default settings any time
  • Full Maps Marker Pro API access (view/add/edit/delete)
  • duplicate markers to assign to multiple layers
  • support for configuring custom Google Maps API keys
  • organize your markers in layers or multi-layer-maps
  • option to switch between simplified and advanced editor
  • TinyMCE button for easily searching and adding maps on post/pages edit screen
  • support for custom marker timestamps for more precise KML animations (view example youtube video)
  • option to set WordPress roles (administrator, editor, author, contributor) which are allowed to add/edit/delete markers and layers
  • option to add marker directly to posts or pages without saving them to your database
  • audit log for changes on markers & layers (saving first created by/on and last updated by/on info)
  • search within your marker list
  • mass actions for markers (assignment to layers, deletions, duplications)
  • tool section enabling you to perform bulk updates to your maps
  • option to reset plugin settings to defaults
  • dynamic preview of maps in backend (no need to reload)
  • option to select plugin default language in settings for backend and frontend
  • WordPress Admin Bar integration to quickly access plugins features
  • admin dashboard widget showing latest markers
  • WordPress MultiSite compatibility
  • integrated check for known incompatible plugins (and instructions on how to fix)
  • optimized usage of WordPress settings API for storing Maps Marker Pro options
  • TinyMCE editor on backend for editing popup texts
  • dynamic changelog to show all changes since your last plugin update
  • Security Coding: best practice (use of prepared SQL statements to prevent SQL injections; use of WordPress nounces on forms to prevent attacks and input mistakes; use of custom function names and enqueue plugin scripts/css only on plugin pages to prevent conflicts with other plugins)
  • smooth update functions
  • plugin was successfully tested to ÖNORM 7700 and OWASP TOP 10 for security issues
  • complete uninstall: one-click removal with zero data residue (also on WordPress MultiSite installations)
  • improved backend usability by listing all contents (posts, pages, CPTs, widgets) where each shortcode is used
  • support for responsive tables on “list all markers” and “list all layer” pages

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Service & Support

We’re in it for the long run: We are working hard on delivering the best mapping solution for WordPress, helping you to share your favorite spots and tracks. And we love what we do – especially if it involves getting in touch with our users.

Frequent updates

“To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill may have not been right in everything, but this quote of his is one we take to heart. Catch up with all updates in our blog.

Live Demo

Get inspired by the possibilities, explore the features and get a quick grasp of Maps Marker Pro’s look and feel even before installing it on your server. Explore the demo here.

Free Trial

We don’t want you to buy the pig in the poke: Try Maps Marker Pro for a free 30-day- trial-period first. On localhost installations you can even test Maps Marker Pro without time limitation.

Smooth Installation

It’s pretty self explanatory, but that’s no reason not to document it: Find instructions for the famous 5 minute installation here.

Problem? Fixed it.

Browse our extensive FAQ and documentation, or file a support ticket for help if you get stuck, and we’ll get back to you right away. Good to know: Maps Marker Pro will alert you within the WordPress admin area to known incompatible plugins and provide instructions for workarounds and fixes.


The quickest way to get in touch: Tweet at @MapsMarker with questions, suggestions or just to say hi – we always love to hear from you!

Translations, translations

Bye bye, language barriers: 46 translations and counting, thanks to over 100 translators around the world. On our translation platform, everyone can contribute – and earn a license key in return.

Join our affiliate program

With commissions up to 50%, you may want to become part of our affiliate program.

Become a Reseller

Benefit from reselling Maps Marker Pro at a 20% discount for your customers. Find out more about it here.

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Ethical code

The moral values behind our lines of code: We make sure that Maps Marker Pro doesn’t only work well, but that how it works is compliant with best practices for ethical coding.

Data Sovereignty

Your data is exactly that: yours. Only you maintain full control over all your geolocation data. We do not store it, nor does Maps Marker feature data storage on third-party-servers.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and hold all your provided information in strict confidence. Find out more in our comprehensive privacy policy.

Security & Encryption

We use secure https encryption everywhere, both on our website and within Maps Marker Pro itself. For all plugin packages a hash value is created and they are digitally signed, so you can easily verify their data integrity and make sure that no malware has been added.

Successful Audits

We’ve been successfully audited twice for security issues – ÖNORM 7700 and OWASP TOP 10 – and we make sure to always stay ahead when it comes to meeting latest security standards.

Anonymous Registration

If you don’t wish to share your real name for the trial version, you don’t have to. Register for a free 30-days trial of Maps Marker Pro anonymously and we’ll like you just as much.

MultiSite Compatibility

Tried and tested: Maps Marker Pro works smoothly on WordPress MultiSite installations and includes additional tools which make allow you to propagate your license key to all subsites for reduced administrative work.


All characters welcome: We feature full RTL (right-to-left) language support as well as full support for cyrillic, chinese and other characters with UTF-8.

Open Data

We’re proud to work with open data from various maps such as Open Street Map, OGD Vienna Maps and any open map of your choice, because we believe in its social, political and economic value. Therefore, we were labeled with the international Open Data Inside badge.


Full disclosure: We’re keen on keeping our work transparent. From basic usage to API-tutorials to changelogs, you’ll find it all in our extensive documentation and FAQ.

Non Expiring License Key

Just like a penguin who mates for life, your license key will be yours until the end of days, without a subscription. To keep access to current updates and support you have to renew annually, but it’s your decision.

There’s a feature missing that you’d like? Let us know and we will check if it can be added with a future update.

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