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Maps Marker Pro has teamed up with LocationIQ to offer enhanced mapping and geocoding capabilities to its users.

When you install Maps Marker Pro, you automatically gain access to LocationIQ’s geocoding APIs, allowing you to perform up to 1.000 geocoding requests per day right out of the box, no additional registration needed. If you’re looking to extend this limit to 5.000 requests per day for free, all you need to do is sign up for an account at to obtain your personal access token. This access token should then be integrated into your Maps Marker Pro configuration settings. Should you require even larger request limits, LocationIQ offers a range of paid plans at

LocationIQ’s suite of location-related APIs encompasses various APIs like geocoding, reverse geocoding, map tiles, routing, geolocation, and more. For geocoding specifically, LocationIQ offers a combination of multiple datasets including OSM, OpenAddress, Geonames, and others, providing comprehensive geolocation APIs with global coverage.

Geocoding/ Maps Usage Action
Less than 1000 requests/day Install Maps Marker Pro and start using geocoding/maps!
Between 1000 to 5000 requests/day Signup for LocationIQ’s free tier, get your Access Token from the dashboard & paste it in MapsMarkerPro settings
More than 5000 requests/day Signup for a premium plan with LocationIQ. Get your Access Token from the dashboard & paste it in MapsMarkerPro settings

Forward Geocoding

Geocoding takes a human-readable location, such as an address or place name, and turns it into specific latitude and longitude coordinates. This helps us locate things on a map.

  • Data update Frequency: Daily
  • Address Level: Street level data worldwide

Best Practices:

  • Geocoder works best when addresses are in the format: <house_number>, <street>, <neighborhood>, <city>, <state>, <country>, <postcode>
  • Coordinates have to be passed in the format [Latitude, Longitude]


LocationIQ uses OpenStreetMap data to power its Dynamic and Static map APIs. LocationIQ Maps include support for Street, Dark and Light Map themes. LocationIQ Maps allow adding markers, lines, polygons, pop-ups and more.

  • Data Source: OSM
  • Data update Frequency: Monthly

Tutorial: How to sign up for a free personalized access token

In order to increase your daily limit from 1.000 to 5.000 requests/day/IP you need to sign up as follows:

  1. Register a user account at
  2. Login at (FYI password free login using Email and token)
  3. Navigate to Account / “API Access Tokens” (one access token should automatically have been created already on registration – if not create one please) – then copy the “Access token” to your clipboard:
  4. Login to your WordPress site and head to Maps Marker Pro / Settings / Geocoding / LocationIQ and paste that key there:
  5. Navigate to Settings / Geocoding / Provider and select LocationIQ as geocoding provider:
  6. Save Settings.

That´s it. Afterwards you can start using LocationIQ geocoding when creating a new map or marker:

Youtube tutorial

Usage limits

Keyless geocoding offers 1.000 requests/day/IP and a maximum of 2 requests per second. With a personalised access token, those limits increase to 5.000 requests/day. Larger plans are are available for higher usage limits.


1. What is LocationIQ and how does it integrate with Maps Marker Pro?
LocationIQ is a robust geocoding and maps service. With its integration into Maps Marker Pro, you can effortlessly convert location descriptions into precise coordinates, enriching your mapping experience.

2. Do I need a separate LocationIQ account for integration?
No, you don’t. As a Maps Marker Pro user, you’ll have direct access to LocationIQ’s geocoding APIs without needing a separate LocationIQ account.

3. What are the default usage limits for LocationIQ within Maps Marker Pro?
You’ll enjoy a daily limit of 1.000 geocoding requests per IP and a rate limit of 2 requests per second.

4. How can I increase my daily geocoding limit to 5.000/day?
To expand your daily limit to 5.000 geocoding requests per day, you can sign up for a LocationIQ account and integrate your API key into Maps Marker Pro’s settings.

5. Are there paid plans available for limits higher than 5.000/day?
Yes, LocationIQ offers various paid plans with increased limits for users with extensive geocoding needs.

6. How do I get started with the LocationIQ integration?
For existing Maps Marker Pro users, integration is automatic. To increase your daily limit and explore higher capacities, follow our simple guide to sign up for a LocationIQ account and integrate your API key.

7. Can I still use other geocoding providers?
Absolutely! While LocationIQ is the default, you can still choose from other geocoding providers within Maps Marker Pro based on your specific requirements.

8. Where can I find more information about LocationIQ’s offerings and plans?
Visit for details about LocationIQ’s services, plans, and capabilities.

9. What level of data can I expect with LocationIQ?
LocationIQ uses a combination of community datasets behind its Geocoder and Map APIs. You can expect excellent street level data worldwide and rooftop level data in certain regions

10. How do I troubleshoot any issues with the integration?
If you encounter any difficulties during the integration process or while using LocationIQ within Maps Marker Pro, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to assist you.

Terms of services

The related terms of services can be found at

Error codes

HTTP Response Code Error Message Description
400 Invalid Request Required parameters are missing, or invalid
401 Invalid key An invalid Access Token was provided
401 Key not active – Please write to The Access Token provided is invalid or inactive
403 Service not enabled The specific service is not enabled on your token. Write to to enable this.
403 Access restricted The request has been made from an unauthorized domain or IP address.
404 Unable to geocode No location or places were found for the given input
404 Imagery not found No style or tile available for the specified URL
429 Rate Limited Second Request exceeded the per-second rate-limits set on your account
429 Rate Limited Minute Request exceeded the per-minute rate-limits set on your account
429 Rate Limited Day Request exceeded the per-day rate-limits set on your account
500 Unknown error – Please try again after some time This is an error on the server’s side, we monitor this 24×7 and you should try again.

Reference for all LocationIQ settings

Geocoding bounds

When using batch geocoding or when ambiguous results are returned, any results within the provided bounding box will be moved to the top of the results list.


Change the default language of the results. You can pass two letters country codes (ISO 639-1). By default the language will be retrieved from the WordPress global variable $locale (with a fallback to en if not supported)

Updated on 18 August 2023