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We are working hard on delivering the best mapping solution available – helping you to share your favorite spots & tracks

Display locations and routes on your WordPress single site or MultiSite installation. Organize customized icons in tidy layers on a variety of maps and even in augmented reality browsers. And do much, much more. Maps Marker Pro is your individual Geo-CMS that features highest security standards and a moral code.

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Feature highlight - Multimaps

Multi maps

The more, the merrier: Use Google Maps, Open Street Map, Bing, Mapbox or any custom WMTS-map.


Keyless geocoding provider support

No need for additional API key registrations for you or your clients due to included keyless geocoding providers Mapzen Search, Algolia Places and Photon@Mapsmarker.


multi-layer-map filters

Allow your visitors to pick what they want to see by filtering markers on their frontend map.

  Feature highlight - Clustering

Marker clustering

Tidy maps, minimal loading time: Create animated marker clusters for each map.

Feature highlight - Augmented-Reality

Augmented reality

Display markers in Wikitude’s vision-based as well as location-based augmented reality browser.


Dynamic marker lists

Sort markers by date, name and distance to current position and search or browse through all markers.

Feature highlights: service and support

Service & support

Reach out via Twitter, Facebook, email or support ticket – in any way, we’re right here to help you.

  Feature highlight - GPX tracks

GPX tracks

Sometimes it’s all about the journey: display routes with optional metadata like distance, duration, pace or elevation.

Feature highlight - GPX tracks

Geolocation show & follow

And yet it moves: Share your current location and movements on the map in real time.

  Feature highlight: import and export

Import & export

From .cvs to .xlsx: Bulk options outside of WordPress ensure a smooth transition.

Feature highlight - translations

46 translations

Thanks to over 100 translators around the world, more languages are added regularly. Contribute and earn a license key!

  Image by Paul Downey (, license: CC-BY 2.0

Moral code

When it comes to security, privacy and documentation, we don’t compromise.

Feature highlights: QR code

QR codes

For those real life moments: Share your maps offline via individually branded QR codes.


SEO optimized

improve the local SEO value of your site by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps.

Feature highlights: API


Want to go even further? Build custom apps or integrate third-party- services with our fully featured APIs.

   Feature highlight: Customizable Geo-CMS  

Fully customizable geo-CMS

Over 600 settings in front- and back-end: Start straight away with optimized default settings and reset to default anytime.

Feature highlights: API

WPML/Polylang support

Creating multilingual maps has never been easier, thanks to full support for WPML/Polylang translation plugin.


Explore the full feature list here.


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This is so far the best map plugin I’ve used for WP! I’ve been searching for similar plugins in the past few years. I used GoogleMap directly, GoogleMap related plugins, a lot others… but nothing can compare with Leaflet Maps Maker. That is why I help translate this plugin and introduce to more Asian users. The feature that allows user to import KML files would be a plus to this five star plugin. Thanks for the great job, Robert. John Sheen

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Latest news

26. March 2017: Pro v3.0.1 compatibility release for unusual WordPress setups is available
25. March 2017: Pro v3.0 supporting leaflet.js v1.0.3, GoogleMutant, Polylang, pretty permalinks & lots more is available
11. March 2017: Pro v3.0-RC1 supporting leaflet.js v1.0.3, GoogleMutant, Polylang, pretty permalinks & lots more is available
25. February 2017: Pro v3.0-beta3 supporting leaflet.js v1.0.3, GoogleMutant, Polylang, pretty permalinks & lots more is available
14. February 2017: Pro v3.0-beta2 supporting leaflet.js v1.0.3, GoogleMutant, Polylang, pretty permalinks & lots more is available