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Originally I built Leaflet Maps Marker to be able to display maps from provided by the City of Vienna within their wonderful open government and open data initiative. I soon recognized that there is a much wider audience than the Viennese citizens which might be interested in the plugin 😉 and started integrating basemaps from OpenStreetMap, Mapquest, Google, Bing etc. Anyway – thanks to the wonderful library, which builds the basis for my plugin, you can also use other basemaps thanks to the support of WMTS-APIs. basemap-logoIn Austria, it is great to see that the public authorities are now working together to create a free and performant basemap for all of Austria. They map uses TileCache/WebMercatorAuxiliarySphere, provided through OpenGIS Web Map Tile Service 1.0.0 (WMTS) and licensed under creative commons (CC-BY 3.0 AT). More details (in German) can be found at Below a screenshot of the map (currently still beta – not all parts of Austria are available in high resolutions): basemap Using this basemap in your Leaflet Maps Marker installation is very easy (for example if you are @GeorgHolzer and want to do a Austrian wide rollout of – the first NFC plugin turning the city of Klagenfurt – and soon Vienna – into a virtual library 😉 ). You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Basemaps / Custom Basemap 1 settings settings1
  2. Enter the following information into the form fields:
  3. Navigate to Settings / Map Defaults / Available basemaps in control box
  4. Tick the checkbox for “Custom basemap”
  5. Navigate to Settings / Map Defaults / Names for default basemaps
  6. Change entry for “Custom Basemap” to
  7. Click on button “Save Changes”

Done.  Afterwards you can use the basemap when creating a new marker or layer map.  

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    Thx for the info Hartwig – I updated the documentation to use the .png format and https instead of http which I would recommend anyway…

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