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New website section: reviews (add yours too!)

So far Leaflet Maps Marker has received 142 ratings & 67 reviews – many thanks! Till now, especially reviews were only visible on my plugin page of WordPress.org.

As your reviews keep me motivated on improving the plugin even further and hopefully getting out the pro version 1.0 soon :-), I decided to also display the reviews on a separate page on mapsmarker.com.

You also see random rotating reviews right below the download button in the sidebar (look on the right) ——————————————————————————>

I also fixed some bugs on mapsmarker.com (scroll bar was black with Google Chrome for example) and optimized the load time of the frontpage (demo) by replacing some maps with static images.

If you have an suggestions on how to improve the website mapsmarker.com, let me know!

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