Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview

No summer break for Maps Marker Pro development: behind the scenes Thorsten is refactoring & improving nearly every existing code line 🙂

As you can see from the following speedtest, the loading time for maps will be improved significantly as one result:

With version 4.0 an often requested feature will also be added – elevation charts. See the following video for a preview:

Please also be aware that the Wikitude augmented reality API available in Maps Marker Pro unfortunately has to be retired by September, as has decided to not further support Wikitude Worlds. As a replacement, Maps Marker Pro v4.0 will therefore include a new (and improved) augmented-reality API for

A first alpha-version of Maps Marker Pro v4.0 is planned to be release by the end of August – testers are very welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview

  1. Dear all, sounds good! I’m really looking forward to speed improvements and elevation graphs. If you still need testers you can give me a short notice!

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