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Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview

No summer break for Maps Marker Pro development: behind the scenes Thorsten is refactoring & improving nearly every existing code line 🙂

As you can see from the following speedtest, the loading time for maps will be improved significantly as one result:

With version 4.0 an often requested feature will also be added – elevation charts. See the following video for a preview:

Please also be aware that the Wikitude augmented reality API available in Maps Marker Pro unfortunately has to be retired by September, as wikitude.com has decided to not further support Wikitude Worlds. As a replacement, Maps Marker Pro v4.0 will therefore include a new (and improved) augmented-reality API for layar.com.

A first alpha-version of Maps Marker Pro v4.0 is planned to be released soon – testers are very welcome!

Dev changelog

Development changelog for version 4.0 - not released yet

complete rewrite / refactorization of the code base from procedural to object oriented
separation of JavaScript from PHP to allow for caching and significantly increase page loading speed
decreased download size for marker data, allowing for up to 75% faster map loading
upgraded leaflet.js ("the engine of Maps Marker Pro") from v1.0.3 to v1.2.0 including optimizations and bugfixes - please see blog post on leafletjs.com and full changelog for more details
support for gpx elevation charts and waypoints
Relaunched! Our new website is live
options to display the list of markers right or left to a layer map
fractional zoom support (new interaction options: zoomDelta and zoomSnap)
support for Google Traffic and Google Transit layers (disabled by default)
possibility to override global settings for each map by using new shortcode parameters
batch selection buttons (all/none) for layers in filter controlbox
support for minNativeZoom for mapbox and custom basemaps (tiles on all zoom levels lower than minimum zoom level will be loaded from minNativeZoom level and auto-scaled)
API dashboard for Photon@Mapsmarker geocoding at https://www.mapsmarker.com/photon showing the API usage of the last hour
automatically parse map shortcodes in category & post tag description and term fields
options to change position of zoom and basemap control box
option to add existing markers to maps added with shortcodes only (e.g. [mapsmarker lat="48" lon="16" markers="1,2,3,4"] )
improved performance by reducing the number of database queries needed and the use of caches where possible
optimized CSS & JS loading mechanism resulting in load time reduction of up to 20%
removed MapQuest basemap support (due to MapQuest basemaps now requiring their own API, making them incompatible to be implemented into a standard Leaflet installation; existing MapQuest maps will be switched to OpenStreetMap automatically)
removed six compatibility checks for plugins/themes which are not needed anymore due to Maps Marker Pro 4.0 rewrite
removed settings for (depreciated) mobile web app launch images and add simplified support for web app icons
replaced (retired) Visualead QR code generator with local QR code generator BaconQrCode
disabled tooltips by default on mobile devices as hover event is not available (thx Dirk!)
set interaction option "tap" to false by default to prevent issues with scrolling over maps on mobile devices (thx Thomas!)
increased rate limit for Photon@MapsMarker geocoding from 5.000 to 10.000 requests per day and from 10 to 20 requests per second
load map tiles for OSM Black&White and DE variant via https to prevent mixed-content warnings (thx Annette!)
reduced timeouts for license API fallback calls to prevent issues on sites with connection issues
update leaflet-locatecontrol from v0.58 to v0.62 (includes bugfixes & leaflet 1.1.0 compatibility)
update leaflet-fullscreen codebase (support AMD and Node/CommonJS module systems, thx mpschaeuble!)
updated minimap addon from v3.4.0 to v3.5.0 (support for miminize/restore events - release notes)
optimized plugin folder structure (some plugin compatibility configs might need to be re-applied)
updated Algolia autocomplete.js from v0.21.7 to v0.28.2 (changelog)
updated es6-promise for IE11/Google Mutant from v4.1.0 to v4.1.1 (bugfix release)
updated Leaflet.MarkerCluster.LayerSupport from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4 (fixing issues with chunkedLoading)
do not strip input tags from popuptexts if option "HTML filter for popuptexts (wp_kses)" is enabled
updated EdgeBuffer plugin for pre-loading tiles beyond the edge of the visible map to v1.0.6
updated compatibility check for WP Rocket 2.10.x
switch loading of custom basemap 2 (OpenMapSurfer) tiles from http to https
shortcode parsing for WordPress audio and video tags in popups on layer maps was broken if wp_keses() was enabled
list of markers: show entries only once if marker is assigned to several layers
XML validation for GPX file downloads could return wrong results (thx Johannes!)
XLSX/ODS/CSV importer: wrong error message if lat or lon values was out of range or layer was not found
activation & deactivation functions were not processed since v3.0
broken bing maps on edit layer pages due to missing double quotes for errorTileURL
broken permalink compatibility check returning wrong URL
incorrect marker count on list of markers when using multi-layer-maps
incorrect content-type when using callback for GeoJSON
replaced broken default custom overlay 3+4 (OpenWeatherMap, API key needed) with Waymarked Trails Mountainbike & Riding
replaced broken WMS layers 3 & 8 from European Environment Agency with "Lake bathing water monitoring" and "NOx emissions from road transport"
WebAPI: display of results for layer update action in XML format was broken
WPML/Polylang: missing string registration for translatable elements if importer is used (thx Laurent!)
admin dashboard widget could be broken if PHP 7.1+ was used
Medium impact: authenticated SQL injection vulnerabilities on "list all layers" and "edit layer" pages (thx to safflower and foobar7 via Maps Marker Pro´s hackerone bug bounty program)
Low impact: self-XSS vulnerability on "edit layer" pages - only exploitable in combination with other issues like clickjacking (thx to foobar7 via Maps Marker Pro´s hackerone bug bounty program)
Low impact: admin authenticated SQL injection vulnerability on "tools" page (thx to safflower via Maps Marker Pro´s hackerone bug bounty program)
Low impact: reflected & persistent XSS in XML WebAPI for layer actions (thx to foobar7 via Maps Marker Pro´s hackerone bug bounty program)
Low impact: admin authenticated persistent XSS on edit marker and edit layer pages (thx to alir57 via Maps Marker Pro´s hackerone bug bounty program)
improved: global sanitation check for settings array instead of individual output filtering
updated German translation→ contribute

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10 Responses to “Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview”

    If you like, I’m happy to be an alpha tester 🙂
    My username is “svene”

    Dear all, sounds good! I’m really looking forward to speed improvements and elevation graphs. If you still need testers you can give me a short notice!

    We are a current user of Maps Marker v3.1 obviously the release is a little behind. When do you see the release of V4 being available

      Hi David,
      our current plans are to release a first test version of 4.0 in about a week…

    Sorry for the delay, which is mainly caused by our decision to also include the database rewrite we planned for v4.1 in v4.0.
    Anyway we are making good progress steadily and I am sure your patience will be rewarded 🙂

    Is there any chance to see 4.0 in the next weeks, months, years, whatever? Some months ago, you told us about elevation charts. We’re running the Pro edition in our blog and really like to add this “feature”, which is already supported by other apps/plugins for a long time…

    sorry for the delay – as stated in the last comment, we decided to also include the database rewrite with v4.0 which will also improve the performance and flexibility of our plugin significantly, which results in a longer development time than initially planned. Anyway we are currently working hard to be able to release v4.0-beta1 within the next few weeks. I kindly ask for you a little more patience – trust me, it´s worth it 😉

    As long as it will be released before April, 26th…. then my pro licence expires 🙂

    v4.0 dev statistics: 1094 files changed, 174545 insertions & 167432 deletions so far – stay tuned for huge improvements 🙂

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