Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview

No break for Maps Marker Pro development: behind the scenes Thorsten is refactoring & improving nearly every existing code line 🙂

As you can see from the following speedtest, the loading time for maps will be improved significantly as one result:

With version 4.0 an often requested feature will also be added – elevation charts. See the following video for a preview:

A first beta-version of Maps Marker Pro v4.0 is planned to be released soon already available – testers are very welcome!

Dev changelog

Development changelog for version 4.6

support for TomTom basemaps and geocoding
optimized GPX parser and new options (fixed Y-axis range, interval markers, chart indicator, gpx control)
add option to filter for unassigned markers
optimize default values for line and fill colors for GPX elevation charts
optimize map loading logic and add error handling
adjust elevation chart scale when using imperial
optimize and improve CSS
update es6-promise to 4.2.8
show message in chart when no elevation data available
fix tooltip colors not being applied properly
span gaps on elevation chart for missing data points
low quality geocoding results for Google Places API
fix minimap display issues when map is in a tab
prevent JS error on edit marker page if no basemaps are available
fix marker count on list markers page being wrong in some cases
updated German translation by Maps Marker Pro team and Daniel Luttermann→ contribute
updated Japanese translations thanks to Shu Higash and Taisuke Shimamoto→ contribute

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10 Responses to “Maps Marker Pro 4.0 preview”

    If you like, I’m happy to be an alpha tester 🙂
    My username is “svene”

    Dear all, sounds good! I’m really looking forward to speed improvements and elevation graphs. If you still need testers you can give me a short notice!

    We are a current user of Maps Marker v3.1 obviously the release is a little behind. When do you see the release of V4 being available

      Hi David,
      our current plans are to release a first test version of 4.0 in about a week…

    Sorry for the delay, which is mainly caused by our decision to also include the database rewrite we planned for v4.1 in v4.0.
    Anyway we are making good progress steadily and I am sure your patience will be rewarded 🙂

    Is there any chance to see 4.0 in the next weeks, months, years, whatever? Some months ago, you told us about elevation charts. We’re running the Pro edition in our blog and really like to add this “feature”, which is already supported by other apps/plugins for a long time…

    sorry for the delay – as stated in the last comment, we decided to also include the database rewrite with v4.0 which will also improve the performance and flexibility of our plugin significantly, which results in a longer development time than initially planned. Anyway we are currently working hard to be able to release v4.0-beta1 within the next few weeks. I kindly ask for you a little more patience – trust me, it´s worth it 😉

    As long as it will be released before April, 26th…. then my pro licence expires 🙂

    v4.0 dev statistics: 1094 files changed, 174545 insertions & 167432 deletions so far – stay tuned for huge improvements 🙂

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