Photon@MapsMarker geocoding now using fast NVMe SSD harddrives

Good news: we have upgraded our geocoding server Photon@MapsMarker which now uses super-fast NVMe SSD drives.

Photon@MapsMarker is an open source geocoder built for OpenStreetMap data and run by exclusively for our users. It is based on elasticsearch – an efficient, powerful and highly scalable search platform. The underlying OpenStreetMap search index is updated at the beginning of every month.

Every Maps Marker Pro user can use Photon@MapsMarker out-of-the-box without any additional mandatory API key registration, 10.000 requests per IP/day and a maximum of 20 requests/second are allowed.

In order to use, simply use the geocoding dropdown when creating a new map

or set your default geocoding provider to Photon@MapsMarker within Settings / Geocoding:

Afterwards you can use the autocomplete feature to geocode locations with Photon@MapsMarker:

With the upcoming major release of Maps Marker Pro v4.0 the search for house numbers will also be improved (where available in the underlying OpenStreetMap index):

Happy mapping 🙂

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