Pro-Feature: marker clustering

For a live demo of this feature please visit

Leaflet Maps Marker Pro allows you to create beautifully animated marker clusters for layer maps:


This is especially useful if you have lots of markers on your map and also helps to reduce the loadtime of your layer maps.

Clustering can be enabled/disabled for each layer separately on the layer edit page (with dynamic preview):


Additionally there is also a settings page where you can finetune global clustering settings which are used for all layer maps where clustering is enabled:


Marker clustering is enabled by default on new layer maps, this setting can be changed via Settings / “Default values for new layer maps”:


If you upgraded from the free version, all existing layer maps will have clustering disabled by default (as you might not want clustering on all layer maps). If you want to enable clustering for all existing layer maps, you can use the new section in Tools:



Pro-preview: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Building a pro plugin not only means developing lots of exciting features, but also setting up an organizational and legal framework which you can rely on when deciding to use Leaflet Maps Marker Pro for your business in the future (and this is also part of why the release date had to be postponed 😉 )

I just finished the Terms of Service which give you an overview of what you can expect when purchasing Leaflet Maps Marker Pro regarding offered services as well as demarkations.

As (especially your) data is important to me, I also drafted a Privacy Policy showing which data gets collected when buying Leaflet Maps Marker Pro and how it will be used.

If anything is missing from your point of view or unclear, I´d really appreciate your feedback!

Pro-Feature: advanced recent marker widget

For a live demo of this feature please visit

The recent marker widget has been enhanced with Leaflet Maps Marker Pro: you are able to include or exclude markers and layers – allowing you to show only the markers you need on your site:


Furthermore can also remove the attribution link from the recent marker widget:


Sidenote: if you hid the attribution link in your recent marker widget with free version < 3.6, this setting will not be changed when you decide to upgrade to the latest free version. Only new recent marker widgets created with free version > 3.6 will have the attribution link option enabled by default.

Pro-Feature: backup and restore of settings

For a live demo of this feature please visit

Leaflet Maps Marker Pro allows you to backup and restore your settings:


This makes it possible to quickly switch between different plugin profiles which makes it easier especially for users who want to deploy the plugin with custom configuration on multiple sites.

Backup of marker and layer maps is also on the roadmap for a later pro release (as I also plan to add an import feature which takes more time in developing).

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Pro-Feature: HTML5 fullscreen maps

For a live demo of this feature please visit

With the pro version you are able to add a fullscreen button to maps – thanks mapbox for this wonderful leaflet plugin! Clicking on this button will open the map in fullscreen view via HTML5 fullscreen API:


This button is enabled by default and can be disabled through a new option within Settings / Map defaults / control options:


For a live demo of the new HTML5 fullscreen mode please visit

Pro-Feature: custom Google Maps styling

The pro version allows you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Below an example with roads hidden:


Configuring these styles can easily be done by using the Google Maps Styled Wizard – you can preview the styles you would like to use there and if finished, copy the JSON array into the new option field under Settings / Google / Google Maps styling:


For more live demos on Google styling please visit

Pro-Feature: mobile web app support for fullscreen maps

For a live demo of this feature please visit

Fullscreen maps are optimized for mobile devices in the pro version – not only by using native javascript instead of jquery but also by considering the viewport of the device used for example. Below a screenshot of a fullscreen map on a Nexus 4 with Android 4.2.2:


With Leaflet Maps Marker Pro it is also  possible on iOS devices to save the link to the fullscreen map to the homescreen and reopen the map – with an optional launch image as web app – meaning the display of the map in fullscreen mode with no address bar:


As always, the configurations for this new feature can be made through the settings panel:


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Pro-Feature: mobile optimized maps through use of native javascript instead of jQuery

For a live demo of this feature please visit

nojqueryjQuery is great and used a lot in my plugin: it helps delivering a great user experience when creating maps on the admin side and was also used on frontend for responsive maps for example.

A disadvantage of using jQuery is that the framework is about 90k unzipped big and needs lots of ressources – especially on mobile devices. This is why for the pro version I rewrote the frontend code to use native javascript instead of jQuery for the needed functions. As a result – and together with the implementation of the newest Leaflet.js version – maps are loaded much faster with the pro version – especially on mobile devices.

Please check for yourself to see the improvements here: