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How to use the official Austrian map is the official Austrian map which is available as open data and can be used with Leaflet Maps Marker and Leaflet Maps Marker Pro by following these steps:

1. navigate to Settings / Basemaps / Custom basemap 1 settings:


Change the configuration on this page as follows:

  • Tiles URL: https://{s}{z}/{y}/{x}.png
  • Attribution: Datenquelle <a href="" target="_blank" title="Offizielle Verwaltungsgrundkarte von Österreich"></a>
  • Maximum Zoom Level: 19
  • Support for subdomains: yes
  • Subdomain names: "maps1", "maps2", "maps3", "maps4"

2. Navigate to Settings / Map defaults / Available basemaps in control box and tick checkbox on Custom Basemap 1:


3. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the settings page

Finished! You can now select when creating a new map:



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