Algolia Places Sunset – background & alternatives





Algolia Places sunset its free geocoding service – also used in Maps Marker Pro – on May 31st 2022. This decision was made back in 2020 by Algolia – for more details please check their product blog.

As Algolia Places was the default (keyless) geocoding provider in Maps Marker Pro, you now need to switch to another (keybased) geocoding provider, if you want to continue using the geocoding feature in Maps Marker Pro.

Maps Marker Pro is the only WordPress mapping plugin with an integrated geocoding framework, which allows you to choose from different geocoding provider – selecting the one that best fits your needs:

Name + setup tutorialAPI key needed?Rate limits
LocationIQ Geocoding (Default for new installations)NoKeyless geocoding with 1,000 requests/day/IP, 2 requests/second; with personalized free API key up to 5.000 requests/day/IP - larger plans available on demand - details here
TomTom Geocoding Yes2.500 requests/day, 5 requests/minute; details about larger plans at
Google GeocodingYesminimum billing per month applies (starting from 11th June 2018 - click here for details)
MapQuest GeocodingYes15.000 transactions/month and a maximum of 10 requests/second; higher quotas are available
Stadia Maps GeocodingYes200.000 credits / month, details at Stadia Maps Pricing
Algolia Places (discontinued)Non/a

If you experience any issues with activating an alternative geocoding provider in Maps Marker Pro, please check out our knowledge base or open a support ticket.

Updated on 21 June 2022