How to contribute to translations for Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is available in more than 46 translations thanks to a huge community of translators.

If you want to help to translate the plugin in your language, please visit our translation plattform powered by Glotpress where everyone can register and start translating immediately. Translators get the following benefits if they help finish a translation (100% completeness):

– Translation completeness <=80% -> 1 free professional package (valid for 25 domains) worth 249€
– Translation completeness >80% and <=90% -> 1 free plus packackage (valid for 5 domains) worth 99€
– Translation completeness >90% and <=99% -> 1 free personal package (valid for 1 domain) worth 39€
– Translation completeness >99% and <100% -> backlink and credits only

Additionally you will get proper credits and backlinks within the plugin and on

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