How to add filters to a map

Filters are a way to organize your markers and allow your user to toggle the visibility of the markers, example from

Here an example which shows you how to add filters to a map. Let´s say you want to create a FRUITS map which shows APPLES, ORANGES and PEACHES. So at first you need to create the following 3 maps:


Example screen:

As next step, add markers to those 3 maps – it is important to assign the markers to their related maps, example:

If you finished adding your markers to those 3 maps, create a new map FRUITS as next step:

As next step, switch to the “Filters” tab, select the 3 maps from the dropdown and add the to the map by clicking “Add filter”:

You can also change the default visibility of the related markers by changing the radio button, select a different icon or change the name for the filter in the controlbox. If you are finished, preview your changes by clicking “Update filters”:

To customize the appearance of the filter controlbox, please first enable advanced settings:

Then switch to the “Controls” tab where you will find the related filter control settings:


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