How to add TomTom traffic layers


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Since v4.6 TomTom basemaps can easily be activated within Maps Marker Pro. If you want to add TomTom traffic incidents and traffic flow layers as overlay, please proceed as follows:

  1. Login to the TomTom developer account
  2. Create a new application or edit your existing application and make sure to the related APIs are active:
  3.  Login to your WordPress site and navigate to Maps Marker Pro / Settings / Layers / Custom and click on “add new layer”:
  4. As next step a popup opens:
  5. For TomTom traffic flow fill in this form as follows:Type: Overlay
    Name: TomTom traffic flow
    Attribution: @ 1992-2019 TomTom

    For TomTom traffic incidents overlay please use the following values:

    Type: Overlay
    Name: TomTom traffic incidents
    Attribution: @ 1992-2019 TomTom

    Finish by clicking on Save.

  6. The newly configured overlays can then be added to maps:

Please be aware that the layers can be customised, e.g. by setting a different style. For more Information on how to Change the URL accordingly, please have a look at the traffic flow details or traffic incident details.

Updated on 29 May 2022