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Since v4.0 Maps Marker Pro also support HERE maps as basemaps. (FYI: since v4.9 the recommended registration method has changed from App ID+App Code to API key – new registrations will only work with API key!)

For current pricing, please see (with a “Freemium” account, 250.000 transaction are free – January 2020)

Terms of Services:

In order to enable HERE maps support, you have to do the following steps:

  1. register at least for a free account at
  2. complete your registration by providing the information needed:
  3. After you have finished your registration, please sign in and navigate to and select a new plan for a new project:
  4. Select a plan that fits for your project (usually “Freemium”) and click on “Sign up”
  5. Create a new Javascript API key – click on the button “Create API key” in the related section:
  6. Copy your API key:

    Optional (recommended): tick the checkbox “Create a domain whitelist for your app credentials” and enter your domain(s) to prevent misuage of your key on another site.
  7. Login to your WordPress site as admin, navigate to Maps Marker Pro / Settings / “HERE maps” and enter your API key there:
  8. Finish by clicking the button “Save”.

That´s it. Afterwards you are able to use HERE basemaps for your maps:

Updated on 29 May 2022