How to register a HERE account

Since v4.0 Maps Marker Pro also support HERE maps as basemaps.

For current pricing, please see (with a “Basic” account, 15.000 transaction are free – July 2018)

Terms of Services:

In order to enable HERE maps support, you have to do the following steps:

  1. register at least for a free account at

  2. complete your registration by providing the information needed: 

  3. After you have finished your registration, please navigate to and select a new plan for a new project:
  4. Select a plan that fits for your project (usually “For the public”):
  5. Select a plan that best fits for your project by clicking on “Sign up”:
  6. Verify your account details and review your order:
  7. After finishing, click on the button “start coding”:
  8. Click on the button “Generate pp ID and App Code”:
  9. Copy your App ID and App Code:

    Optional (recommended): tick the checkbox “Secure app credentials against a specific domain” and enter your domain(s) to prevent misuage of your key on another site.
  10. Login to your WordPress site as admin, navigate to Maps Marker Pro / Settings / “HERE maps” and enter your App ID and App Code:
  11. Finish by clicking the button “Save”.

That´s it. Afterwards you are able to use HERE basemaps for your maps:

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