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Account and license management

Although your license key never expires, unless you renew your access to updates and support, you will not be able to get plugin updates including new features, optimizations, bug and security fixes, translations updates as well as access to our helpdesk with dedicated 1:1 support. Therefore we always recommend updating to the latest version of Maps Marker Pro.

Access to updates and support can be optionally extended at the following prices:

Renewal for
1 Year
Renewal for
3 Years (10% off)
Renewal for
5 Years (15% off)
Personal package (support for 1 domain)
€ 35
105 € 95
175 € 149
Plus package (support for 5 domain)
€ 99
297 € 269
495 € 419
Professional package (support for 25 domain)
€ 199
597 € 539
995 € 845

Step-by-step tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to renew your access to updates and support for Maps Marker Pro.

step 1: login to our secure customer area

step 2: navigate to “My Packages” and click on “View details”:

step 3: click on the tab “Access to plugin updates”:

step 4: choose your renewal option:

step 5: click on the button “add to cart” and finish checkout:

step 6: switch back to the “Pro License Settings”-page in your WordPress admin area (menu Maps Marker Pro / License Settings) and click the button “Update”:

Congratulations, you´re finished.

The warning message disappears and you are able to receive new updates via the integrated plugin updater again and also open support tickets in the customer area:

Updated on 29 May 2022