How to setup Stadia maps geocoding


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Since v4.29 Maps Marker Pro also support Stadia Maps geocoding.

For current pricing, please see (with a “Free” account, 200.000 credits/month are included – April 2024)

Terms of Services:

In order to enable Stadia maps support, you have to do the following steps:

  1. sign up a for a free account at
  2. after logging in, click on “create a property” on the dashboard:
  3. Name the property (e.g. your domain) and click create
  4. You now have the option to either whitelist your domain or to create an API key:

    We recommend adding your domain, including subdomains:
  5. Login to your WordPress site as admin, navigate to Maps Marker Pro / Geocoding / “Stadia Maps” and select “Domain” as “Autentification configuration”:
  6. Finish by clicking the button “Save”.

Alternatively you can also register an API key in step 4 and add this API key in step 5 (and also selecting “API key” as “Authentification configuration”).

That´s it. Afterwards you are able to use the following Stadia basemaps geocoding:

Updated on 20 April 2024