How to transfer your pro license to another domain

Each license is valid for a certain number of domains – depending on which license pack you bought (licensed for 1, 5 or 25 domains).

Once you activated your license on a domain, it is stored in our database and can´t be used on another domain.

If you want to transfer / move your pro license to another domain (= reissuing your license), you have to follow these steps:

Re-issuing a license key resets all activated domains for this license key – including alias-, staging- and development domains which have been added manually by yourself or by our support team! This means if you reissue a professional license key which is activated on 25 domains, those 25 domains have to be activated again afterwards – even if you wanted to transfer the license for one particular domain only!

So if you only want to transfer a single domain from a 5 or 25 pack license key, please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help you here.

  1. Login to the secure costomer area at

  2. Click on “My Packages”:

  3. Click on “View Details” next to the license package you want reissue:

  4. Click on “Licenses” tab

  5. Click “Reissue”:

  6. You should now see the info “The license was reissued successfully!”:

  7. This means all registered domains for this license key have been deleted and the license key can be used again on another domain.


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