ARCHIVE – How to display markers in Wikitude´s Augmented-Reality-Browser (v3.1.1 or lower)

Attention: unfortunately retired the Wikitude Augmented Reality API used in Leaflet Maps Marker & Maps Marker Pro v3.1 or lower. With Maps Marker Pro version 4.0 we therefore added the Augmented Reality API from as a substitute – details can be found at

Frontend: showing marker in Wikitude (via Augmented-Reality API)

Each marker and layer has a corresponding Wikitude ARML-Feed which can be accessed directly, e.g. http://www.[your-domain].com/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker-pro/leaflet-wikitude.php?marker=1 or http://www.[your-domain].com/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker-pro/leaflet-wikitude.php?layer=1 or the following for all markers: http://www.[your-domain].com/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker-pro/leaflet-wikitude.php?layer=all To display your markers within Wikitude Augmented-Reality World Browser, just follow these steps (I would recommend submitting only layer maps or all markers):

  1. navigate to and create an account (click on sign in and then on create account)
  2. login with your account
  3. click on the “Publish in Wikitude”
  4. Click the button “Create World” / New
  5. select World Type “ARML”
  6. enter your webservice URL (http://www.[your-domain].com/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker-pro/leaflet-wikitude.php?layer=all for example)
  7. click on “next” in the bottom right corner
  8. optional: select a language and click again “next”
  9. select at least 1 categorie and click again “next”
  10. click on “save”

That´s it – if there are no errors, your POIs should be visible in the Wikitude World Browser.


  • The ARML (augmented reality markup language) Specification for Wikitude 4 can be found here:
  • The webservice only delivers markers to Wikitude within the radius of the users position which is set in the settings (Search radius (in meter)). This variable was introduced for sites with huge amounts of markers spread throughout the country in order to keep database load low. A good tool to help you determining the ideal radius for your site can be found at
  • Email, phone number and attachments in settings can be set globally for all markers only.
  • the webservice supports the search function from Wikitude. This means that if a user searches within the Wikitude app, the webservice checks if the search term is found within the marker name or popup text. You can check the results by appending ?searchterm=XYZ to your webservice URL. If search delivers the correct results on your site but don´t show up within the Wikitude app, please contact Wikitude support (
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