WPRuby 소개 : 맞춤형지도 마커 프로 개발을위한 공식 파트너


Maps Marker Pro를 기능 이상으로 확장하려는 경우 지도 마커 프로 API ready for you to build upon it. And if you need some help with that, we’ve got that covered now, too:

Long-time Maps Marker developer Waseem Senjer recently launched his site WPRuby, where he leads a team of experienced developers for tailored WordPress solutions.

We’re proud to announce our official partnership with WPRuby for any customized solutions for your Maps Marker Pro project. We took the chance and asked Waseem a few questions:

Q: Elevator pitch time! What does WPRuby do and whom are you doing it for?

Waseem: “WPRuby speaks to companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs – everyone who wants to make their WordPress site more powerful by extending its functionality or integrating third-party services. We develop and customize plugins to your individual needs. We’ve also got a selection of ready-to-use plugins we sell and support.”

Q: What kinds of customizations are you creating for Maps Marker Pro customers? Can you give us a few examples?

Waseem: “We customised the visualized search for PTFindr, a London-based webservice that helps you find your perfect personal trainer according to your fitness goals, location and budget.

WPRuby also helped with the customization of both the iOS app and the website of DIY 플라이 낚시, based on the Maps Marker Pro API, where passionate anglers can discover and share ideal fishing spots.”


If you’ve got any questions about powering up your Maps Marker Pro project, check out WPRuby or get in touch with Waseem via waseem@wpruby.com

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