Important information for customers using v1.5.9 or v1.6

Posted on 09 June, 2014



We are working hard on delivering the best mapping solution available for WordPress. This is why with v1.5.9 as one of several results from the last security audit by the City of Vienna the check for plugin updates via SSL (https) was added to increase the overall plugin security.

Unfortunately we found that although this security enhancement works fine, there might be issues on servers with outdated or incomplete SSL libraries. This can prevent affected servers to check for new Maps Marker Pro
plugin updates or even result in a broken license key validation.

As a consequence we released v1.7 on June 7th which includes a workaround for those servers.

So if you do not see an update notification for v1.7 within your WordPress installation, your server is probably affected and you need to manually update to the latest version of Maps Marker Pro (or ask your hoster to check the SSL of your server)

how to manually update to v1.7:

  1. please first check on the license settings page within your WordPress backend if your access to updates and support is still valid (
  2. download the latest plugin package from
  3. unzip the plugin package and copy the files from the unpacked folder /leaflet-maps-marker-pro/ to your server via FTP, overwritting all files and subdirectories in the directory
  4. reload the license settings page and click on the update-button next to your license key

Please note: if you uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin through the WordPress admin interface, all created maps would get deleted on uninstall, so make sure to do a manual update via FTP if you have already created some maps!

Future updates of Maps Marker Pro will work again as usual on affected servers after the manual update.

If you need any help, please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help!