Leaflet Maps Marker v1.1 is available

Posted on 08 January, 2012


Free-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.29.1 (see related release notes)

I am happy to announce that 1 week after the initial release v1.1 is finally finished and available in the WordPress plugin repository (if you already installed v1.0, you should see an update notice within WordPress backend / plugins).


  • NEW: show standalone maps in fullscreen mode (demo)
  • NEW: create QR code images for standalone maps in fullscreen mode (demo)
  • NEW: API links (KML, GeoJSON, Fullscreen, QR Code, Wikitude) now only work if plugin is active
  • NEW: German translation
  • NEW: Japanese translation thanks to Shu Higashi (@higa4)
  • NEW: option to show/hide WMS layer legend link
  • NEW: option to disable global statistics
  • CHANGED: added more default marker icons, based on the top 100 icons from the Map Icons Collection
  • CHANGED: added attribution text field in settings for custom overlays
  • CHANGED: removed settings for Wikitude debug lon/lat -> now marker lat/lon respectively layer center lat/lon are used when Wikitude API links are called without explicit parameters &latitude= and &longitude=
  • CHANGED: default setting fields can now be changed by focusing with mouse click
  • CHANGED: added icons to API links on backend for better usability
  • BUGFIX: dynamic preview of marker/layer panel in backend not working as designed
  • BUGFIX: language pot-file didn´t include all text strings for translations
  • BUGFIX: active translations made setting tabs unaccessible

Please let me know what you think of the new release. If an important feature is missing, please add your feature requests here. I am also looking for more translations – if you would like to contribute a new one, please visit this page for more information.