Pro-Feature: marker clustering

Posted on 05 June, 2013


Features Pro-Version

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Leaflet Maps Marker Pro allows you to create beautifully animated marker clusters for layer maps:


This is especially useful if you have lots of markers on your map and also helps to reduce the loadtime of your layer maps.

Clustering can be enabled/disabled for each layer separately on the layer edit page (with dynamic preview):


Additionally there is also a settings page where you can finetune global clustering settings which are used for all layer maps where clustering is enabled:


Marker clustering is enabled by default on new layer maps, this setting can be changed via Settings / “Default values for new layer maps”:


If you upgraded from the free version, all existing layer maps will have clustering disabled by default (as you might not want clustering on all layer maps). If you want to enable clustering for all existing layer maps, you can use the new section in Tools: