Pro v2.6-beta1 with leaflet 0.7.7, sort list of markers by distance, hightlight markers, URL hashes & more is available

Posted on 13 November, 2015


Pro-Version Beta Releases

We kindly invite all interested users in testing v2.6-beta1 and reporting any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form.

The highlights of the upcoming release are an update to Leaflet v0.7.7, sort list of markers by distance, highligtmarkers on layer maps, support for URL hashes, XML sitemaps integration as well as lots of other changes especially on backend with a focus to to improve the overall usability.

The final release v2.6 with more detailed release notes is planned to be released on November 21th, depending on issues reported by beta testers.

Please see the end of this post on how to update to v2.6-beta1.

Preliminary changelog

updated Leaflet from v0.7.5 to v0.7.7 (bugfix release – including a fix for obscure iOS issue where tiles would sometimes disappear, release notes)
improved backend usability by listing all contents (posts, pages, CPTs, widgets) where each shortcode is used 
added option to sort list of markers below layer maps by distance from layer center 
XML sitemaps integration: improved local SEO value by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps (if plugin “Google XML Sitemaps” is active) 
highlight a marker on a layer map by opening its popup via shortcode attribute [mapsmarker layer=”1″ highlightmarker=”2″] or by adding ?highlightmarker=2 to the URL where the map is embedded
added support for URL hashes to web pages with maps, allowing users to easily link to specific map views. Example: https://domain/link-to-map/#11/48.2073/16.3792 
added support for responsive tables on “list all markers” and “list all layer” pages 
added support for dynamic clustering preview for multi-layer-maps on backend 
added option to hide default GPX start and end icons (thx Rich!) 
added automatic check if custom plugin directory name is used (which would break layer maps) 
added new marker clustering options to style spiderLeg polylines 
tiles for default custom basemap2 “Stamen Watercolor” are now delivered via https to prevent mixed content warnings (thx Alan & Duncan!)
updated minimum recommended PHP version for built-in PHP check to 5.5 – supporting
updated leaflet locate control from v0.4.0 to v0.4.5 (bugfix release, full changelog)
updated jQuery timepicker addon from v1.5.0 to v1.5.5 (bugfix release, full changelog)
updated Select2 addon from v3.5.2 to v3.5.4 (bugfix release, release notes)
updated minimap addon from v2.1 to v3.0 (release notes)
updated plugin update checker from v2.0 to v2.2 (bugfix release, release notes)
improved license key check on license settings page (check if license key starts with MapsMarker with immediate feedback) 
remove <br/> before address section in list of markers to enable better optional custom padding via CSS class lmm-listmarkers-hr overrides 
improved GPX file validity check (thx Andi!) 
updated markercluster codebase (using build from 27/03/2015 – thx danzel!)
removed support for directions provider as requested by project owners 
fix MMPAPI class issue (marker assignments to multiple layers were not saved correctly) 
MapsMarker Web API: icon was reset to default value on updates if icon parameter was not set (thx Sohin!) 
incomplete map tiles display after device orientation change on mobile devices (thx Duncan!) 
search on settings page did not display “no matches found” if there were no search results 
maps in tabs or accordions created with “WPBakery Visual Composer” plugin were broken since v4.7 (thx Raitis!) 
directions provider changed URL schema, this resulted in broken directions links  
Translation updates
In case you want to help with translations, please visit the web-based translation plattform
Malawy translation thanks to Mohd Zulkifli, 
updated Chinese (zh_TW) translation thanks to jamesho Ho, 
updated Czech translation thanks to Viktor Kleiner and Vlad Kuzba,
updated German translation
updated Greek (el) translation thanks to Philios Sazeides –, Evangelos Athanasiadis – and Vardis Vavoulakis – 
updated Italian translation thanks to Luca Barbetti, and Angelo Giammarresi – 
updated Latvian translation thanks to Juris Orlovs, and Eriks Remess
updated Norwegian (Bokmål) translation thanks to Inge Tang, 
updated Russian translation thanks to Ekaterina Golubina (supported by Teplitsa of Social Technologies – and Vyacheslav Strenadko, 
updated Spanish translation thanks to David Ramí­rez,, Alvaro Lara,, Victor Guevara,, Ricardo Viteri, and Juan Valdes
updated Swedish translation thanks to Olof Odier, Tedy Warsitha, Dan Paulsson, Elger Lindgren, and Anton Andreasson, 

how to update to 2.6-beta1

Warning: although we also test beta releases thoroughly, it is not recommended to install beta versions on production sites! In addition we recommend to backup your site (especially the database) regularly so in case of an issue with this beta release you can always perform a full rollback if needed!

In order to be able to update to this beta release, you first have to set beta-testing in settings / misc to enabled:


As next step after saving your settings, navigate to Plugins and click on the link “Manually check for updates” next to Maps Marker Pro:



Finish by clicking on the link “Update now”.

feedback and suggestions?

Please use the helpdesk or contact form for bugreports, feedback or suggestions or leave a comment below – any feedback is welcome!