Pro v2.7-beta1 with support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend & more is available

Posted on 19 April, 2016


Pro-Version Beta Releases

We kindly invite all interested users in testing v2.7-beta1 and reporting any issues by using the helpdesk, leaving a comment or using the contact form.

The highlights of the upcoming release are support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend, dynamic list of markers below layer maps including paging/search/sorting, a new REST API, a Javascript Events API for LeafletJS as well as lots of other changes especially on frontend with a focus to to improve the overall usability.

We would in particular be interested in feedback about the new feature “multi-layer-map filtering on frontend”. Beta testers are invited to create a new multi-layer-map by ticking the according checkbox on the layer edit page and customizing the contents for the filter controlbox according to their needs:


The layer map on frontend will as a result have a new filter controlbox in the top right corner and the list of markers now also supports paging as well as search and sorting:


The final release v2.7 with more detailed release notes is planned to be released on April 30th, depending on issues reported by beta testers.

Please see the end of this post on how to update to v2.7-beta1.

Preliminary changelog

support for multi-layer-map filtering on frontend (yeah!)
support for paging and search in the list of markers below layer maps
support for sorting list of markers based on current geolocation
RESTful API allowing you to access some of the common core functionalities
Javascript Events API for LeafletJS to to attach events handlers to markers and layers
enhanced MMPAPI to also support delete_markers parameter for delete_layer and delete_layers function
“resize map link”-button allowing you to restore the map to its initial state
new tool: marker validity check for layer assignements to verify if markers are assigned to layers that do not exist (anymore
AJAX support for deleting a layer from “list all layers”-page (no reload needed anymore)
new “tap” & “tapTolerance” maps interaction options (enables mobile hacks for supporting instant taps) – thx Mauricio!
new “bounceAtZoomLimits” maps interaction option (to disable bouncing back when pinch-zooming beyond min/max zoom level)
CSS class lmm-icon-download-gpx for download-gpx icon (to prevent conflicts with stylesheets for mobile devices)
confirmation prompts before performing bulk delete actions on “list all markers”- and “list all layer”-pages
new interaction option to enable scrollWheelZoom for fullscreen maps only (thx iamjwk!)
support for highlighting markers also on fullscreen layer maps by using the URL parameter ?highlightmarker=…
option to center maps on popup centers instead of markers when opening popups (hopefully fixing autopan issues with markers at map borders)
use marker zoom level for centering markers on layer maps by clicking on list of markers-links (can be changed to layer zoom in settings)
add paging support on layer edit pages for the table below the editor (listing all assigned markers)
show error instead of failing silently if Bing layers return with an error
show edit-marker-link as image in list of markers for each marker on backend and frontend
improved Google maps performance by reducing laggy panning (thx rcknr!)
shortcode parameter highlightmarker now also centers layer maps on marker coordinates (thx Carlos!)
replaced GPX proxy transient with nonce to better support multiple consecutive map edits without timeouts
replaced add_object_page() with add_menu_page() as former will be depreciated with WordPress 4.5
AJAX search on “list of markers” page on backend now also shows if no matches have been found
layer import: show next layer ID which would be used and helptext for copying markers and layers from one site to another (thx Oliver!)
bulk action for duplicating layer+assigned markers now displays warning if multi-layer-map is selected (thx Angelo!)
security hardening for import/export & gpx proxy by adding additional user permission checks (thx Giuseppe!)
updated jQuery timepicker addon from v1.5.5 to v1.6.1 (bugfix release, full changelog)
proper semantic usage of admin notices (error/warning/success/info) and consistent display above header table on all plugin pages
“open popup”-links in the list of markers below layer maps now also change URL for better shareability (by adding ?highlightmarker=… – thx Peter!)
better performance on marker edit pages due to optimized loading of custom TinyMCE CSS stylesheets
remove Google Adsense integration feature as javascript adsense library has been retired (thx Niall!)
updated leaflet locate control from v0.4.5 to v0.4.9 (bugfix release, full changelog)
updated bing maps codebase (changelog, thx brunob!)
permission settings: backend menu was not visible for contributors (capability: edit_posts) even if correct permissions were set
MapsMarker Web API: layer assignments for markers were not saved correctly (thx Janne!)
</div> was not set if GPX panel was disabled, resulting in issues on certain themes (thx Dirk!)
bottom admin notice after layer/marker updates was shown on top of edit table since WordPress 4.4
latest news from for admin dashboard widget was broken since Yahoo Pipes! was discontinued
depreciated notice in error logs if PHP 7+ is used (thx Chris!)
workaround for maps in WooCommerce tabs was broken since last WooCommerce tabs plugin update (thx Richard!)
QR code links in list of markers below layer maps were broken if Google was set as QR code provider (thx Niall!)
background color, margin and padding for basemap controlbox was overridden by some themes
issues with other plugins using an older version of the same plugin update checker library (thx Yahnis!)
map view was not centered on marker if GET-parameter ?highlightmarker=… was used
license validation could be broken if HHVM was used (thx Alex!)
Geolocation feature does not work anymore with Google Chrome 50+ unless your site is securely accessible via https (details)
toggling clustering status on backend does not work for multi-layer-map with filters (workaround: save layer map and reload page)
Translation updates
In case you want to help with translations, please visit the web-based translation plattform
updated Czech translation thanks to Viktor Kleiner and Vlad Kuzba,
updated Danish translation thanks to Mads Dyrmann Larsen and Peter Erfurt,
updated Dutch translation thanks to Marijke Metz –, Patrick Ruers, and Fokko van der Leest –
updated Finnish (fi_FI) translation thanks to Jessi Björk – @jessibjork
updated Galician translation thanks to Fernando Coello,
updated German translation
updated Greek (el) translation thanks to Philios Sazeides –, Evangelos Athanasiadis – and Vardis Vavoulakis –
updated Hungarian translation thanks to István Pintér, and Csaba Orban,
updated Italian translation thanks to Luca Barbetti, and Angelo Giammarresi –
updated Malawy translation thanks to Mohd Zulkifli,
updated Polish translation thanks to Pawel Wyszyński,, Tomasz Rudnicki, , Robert Pawlak and Daniel –
updated Portuguese – Brazil (pt_BR) translation thanks to Andre Santos, and Antonio Hammerl
updated Russian translation thanks to Ekaterina Golubina (supported by Teplitsa of Social Technologies – and Vyacheslav Strenadko,
updated Swedish translation thanks to Olof Odier, Tedy Warsitha, Dan Paulsson, Elger Lindgren,, Anton Andreasson, and Tony Lygnersjö –

how to update to 2.7-beta1

Warning: although we also test beta releases thoroughly, it is not recommended to install beta versions on production sites! In addition we recommend to backup your site (especially the database) regularly so in case of an issue with this beta release you can always perform a full rollback if needed!

In order to be able to update to this beta release, you first have to set beta-testing in settings / misc to enabled:


As next step after saving your settings, navigate to Plugins and click on the link “Manually check for updates” next to Maps Marker Pro:



Finish by clicking on the link “Update now”.

feedback and suggestions?

Please use the helpdesk or contact form for bugreports, feedback or suggestions or leave a comment below – any feedback is welcome!