Pro v3.0.1 compatibility release for unusual WordPress setups is available

Posted on 26 March, 2017


Pro-Version Releases
Attention: this is not the changelog for the latest stable version 4.28 (see related release notes)

Pro v3.0.1 is a compatibility release, adding a compatibility check and compatibility option for the permalinks feature introduced in v3.0, which can lead to issues on unusual WordPress setups.

An update to the latest version is – as always – highly recommended. For more details about this release please see below.

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Now let´s get to the highlights of pro v3.0.1:

permalink compatibility check and base URL option to support unusual WordPress setups and to correct potential configuration errors

With v3.0 we added support for pretty permalinks to fullscreen maps and API endpoints – this means e.g. fullscreen view for marker ID 1 can now be accessed via instead of The slug maps can also be customized via Settings / Misc / WordPress integration settings / option “Permalinks slug”.

Unfortunately our beta versions and release tests did not comprise unusual setups and general issues with permalink configurations on users sites – resulting in broken permalinks reported by a few users.

With v3.0.1 we now added a compatibility check, which shows a warning if an unusual WordPress setup is used or potential configuration errors are present:

The link from the warning takes you to the new compatibility option “Permalink base URL” which you will find at Settings / Misc / Compatibility Settings:

If you see this warning and your site is affected (=e.g. markers are not shown on layer maps), please enter the URL of your WordPress folder here and save the settings. If the warning is still present, please open a support ticket to get assistance from us. 

Known issues

Geolocation feature does not work anymore with Google Chrome 50+ and Safari 10+ unless your site is securely accessible via https

With Chrome 50 (and Safari 10) significant changes to the geolocation support were introduced by the related browser vendors: all applications requesting the current position of the user (not just for Maps Marker Pro´s geolocation feature) are only allowed anymore to retrieve the current position of the user if the site is setup to be delivered securely via https – users will see the following or a similar warning instead:


See more details about this decision by Google at Geolocation will still work on non-https sites if the users access the site via alternative browsers like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – anyway it could be likely that those browsers will also add a similar security restriction in the future.

Update November 2016: since iOS 10 also Safari 10+ now requires https to support geolocation. The implementation is even more strict than with Google Chrome – geolocation will not work for example if there are mixed-content warnings on your site.

So if you need the Maps Marker Pro geolocation featue on your site, it is highly recommended to migrate your site to https. Some hosters already provide free https certificates from for example. For configurations needed within your WordPress site in order to configure it to support https, please have a look at tutorials like

As https has more advantages for your site than just geolocation working again with Google Chrome 50+ and Safari 10+ (like securing the data integrity, sender authentication and user privacy as well as higher Google ranking as https is used as ranking signal), we strongly advise to switch your site to https only if you haven´t done so yet.

If you switched your site to https and still get a geolocation error (like “Geolocation error: user denied geolocation”), please check your device´s location settings if it is allowed for apps/web sites to retrieve the geolocation.

Translations updates

We have also updated our Glotpress instance at to v2.3.1, allowing translators to mark translations as fuzzy, re-enabled password reset by users, design update & more.

Thanks to many motivated contributors, this release includes the following updated translations:

If you want to contribute to translations (new Hindi translators would be appreciated!), please visit for more information.

Please note that translators are also compensated for their contribution – for example if a translation is finished less than 50%, the translator receives a free 25 licenses pack worth €249 as a compensation for completing the translation to 100%.

Outlook – plans for the next releases

Please understand that we are not able to promise any release dates for new features. We are dynamically aligning our roadmap based on feedback from our users. Anyway we keep the flexibility to add optimizations and bugfixes with rather unplanned minor releases resulting mostly from users feedback.

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Full changelog

permalink compatibility check and base URL option to support unusual WordPress setups and to correct potential configuration errors
Translation updates
In case you want to help with translations, please visit the web-based translation plattform
updated Chinese translation thanks to John Shen, and ck 
updated German translation thanks to Thorsten
Known issues
Geolocation feature does not work anymore with Google Chrome 50+ & iOS/Safari 10+ unless your site is securely accessible via https (details)

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How to download / update

The easiest way to update is to use the WordPress update process: login with an user who has admin privileges, navigate to Dashboard / Updates, select plugins to update and press the button “Update Plugins”. The pro plugin checks every 24 hours if a new version is available. You can also manually trigger the update check by going to Plugins and clicking on the link “Manually check for updates” next to “Maps Marker Pro”:


If you do not see the link “Check for updates” and are using a version below 1.7, please update manually once by downloading the current package from and overwritting the existing plugin files on your server via FTP. This might be needed on several hosts, which use outdated SSL libraries, which prevent Maps Marker Pro from making a secure connection to retrieve the update package from Pro v1.7 includes a workaround for those kind of servers and the following updates should work again as usual. If you are affected and need help, please open a support ticket.

How to verify the integrity of the plugin package

SHA-256 hash value:


Number of files: 511

Click here for a tutorial on how to verify the integrity of the plugin package (recommended if the plugin package for a new installation was not downloaded from – verification is not needed though if the automatic update process is used)

Number of files: 511

Additional update notes for beta tester

No additional actions on plugin update from beta to final version are required.