Switching to GlotPress for an easier translation process

Posted on 08 June, 2012



Thanks to many engaged contributors, Leaflet Maps Marker is currently available in 8 languages. Till now, the process of managing and updating those translations has been a bit complicated as the use of poedit for example didn´t allow collaborative working on a translation.

This now all changed as Kenan kindly draw my attention to GlotPress, which is also used by WordPress for collaboratively working on translations. I followed the instructions at http://remkusdevries.com/how-to-use-glotpress-for-your-translations/ for setting up an instance of GlotPress, which now can be reached at http://translate.mapsmarker.com

The main advantage of this tool is as said before, that it allows to collaboratively work together on translations via the web – no more installations of editors like poedit are needed. Also maintaining and updating the templates gets much easier, as it only has do be done once.

Contributing to translations is quite easy: just register here and then login in here and start translating immediately. Please note that new users can only suggest new translations, if they haven´t yet been given the proper rights in the tool by me (which might take a while sometimes, so please be patient 😉 )

If the language you’d like to translate the plugin into isn’t available yet, please send me an email and I will add the new translation set as soon as possible.

I hope that the use of this great tool will lower the barrier for new translators and therefore help to make Leaflet Maps Marker usable for a larger number of people, who are not capable of speaking English that well and who would prefer using the plugin in their native language.

–> http://translate.mapsmarker.com