v1.2-RC1 with support for GPX tracks & more is available

Posted on 29 August, 2013


Pro-Version Beta Releases

I just released v1.2-RC1 with support for GPX tracks, option to whitelabel backend admin pages, advanced permission settings and an optimized settings page (added direct links, return to last seen page after saving and full-text-search).

If no more errors are reported, v1.2 final (with more detailled release notes) will be released on Saturday.

how to update to 1.2-RC1

Warning: it is not recommended to install 1.2-RC1 on production sites – use on your own risk!

In order to be able to update to 1.2-RC1, you first have to set beta-testing in settings / misc to enabled:


As next step, navigate to Plugins and click on the link “Manually check for updates” next to Leaflet Maps Marker Pro:


Finish by clicking on the link “Update now”.

feedback and suggestions?

Please use the helpdesk for bugreports, feedback or suggestions.