Welcome to all new users switching from the “comprehensive google maps plugin”!

Posted on 25 September, 2014



The “Comprehensive Google Map Plugin” (CGMP) developed by Alexander Zagniotov has become one of the most downloaded mapping plugins in the WordPress plugin repository over the last 3 years. I was very pleased when I got to know Alex a few months ago while looking for a solution to a specific mapping issue within Maps Marker Pro.

A few weeks ago Alex informed me that due to limited resources and changes in his professional life he will not be able anymore to offer the kind of professional support and development needed for a plugin with such a large userbase.

As a result, he decided to discontinue the development and support of his plugin, making CGMP v9.1 the last official release available from his WordPress plugin repository (of course, interested developers can fork his plugin – as it is licensed under the GPL).

Anyway in the long run he recommends switching to another plugin and I am very happy that he recommends his users to give “Maps Marker Pro” a try 🙂

To assist interested users in switching to Maps Marker Pro, I contributed a transfer feature to the current v9.1 release of his plugin. That feature allows you to easily convert your existing CGMP shortcodes into Maps Marker Pro shortcodes with 2 clicks. For a more detailled tutorial about the transfer, please click here – if you have any additional questions, let me know!

Anyway I would be very happy if you decided to give Maps Marker Pro a try. Our vision is to “work hard on delivering the best mapping solution available for WordPress – helping you to share your favorite spots & tracks” and I am convinced that you will like using Maps Marker Pro as much as other users, who expressed their opinions about the plugin in 164 five-star-reviews 😉

happy mapping,