News - Pro-Version

26. March 2014

Pro v1.5.8 with WordPress 3.9 compatibility & improvements based on a security audit by the City of Vienna is available

v1.5.8 is mainly a compatiblity and security related release, as it fixes issues with WordPress 3.9 which is going to be released soon. It also includes improvements based on the second security audit by the City of Vienna. Nevertheless also lots of under-the-hood-improvements have been made, which make it easier especially for developers to utilitze […]

28. February 2014

Pro v1.5.7 with breaking API changes and usability optimizations is available

With pro v1.5.7 I focused once more on improving existing features and overall backend usability. The authentication method for the Maps Marker API has also changed completely and the old authentication method with public key only is not supported anymore! So if you´re using the API to manage your maps, please upgrade your application before […]

9. February 2014

Pro v1.5.6 with layer import/export and more is available

With pro v1.5.5 I removed code for backwards compatibility with WordPress <3.3, as this is the required version to use Maps Marker Pro. One part of this was loading of javascript in the html header on each page instead of the footer only when a shortcode is used. Unfortunately some themes and plugins cannot deal […]

30. January 2014

Pro v1.5.5 with loading progress bar for markerclusters is available

With pro v1.5.5 is finished the current refactoring and performance optimizations. In my point of view the plugin is now ready for the next large developements, which are asked for on a regular basis: for the next release v1.6 I will now focus on enabling support for Google Street View and for v1.7 I plan […]

24. January 2014

Pro v1.5.4 with updated TinyMCE integration and performance improvements is available

Apart from the updated and visible TinyMCE integration, this release features a lot of improvements under the hood. I did an intense code review especially of the code for the backend and tried to improve it where possible. I managed to reduce the number of mysql queries and http requests needed as a result, making […]