Excellent Plugin and Best Support!!


5star Reviews

We rebuilt our maps and took them live with this plugin during the trial period, and we had support from Maps Marker the entire time. The support was much better than the ridiculously expensive map plugin we previously used, and the plugin itself is excellent! We were able to customize it to our needs, and improve on both the look and the functionality of the old maps. Every time we had a question, we had an answer within 24 hours, which is incredible because we were still in the free trial period. We pay for a few plugins, but this is far and away the best support we’ve ever gotten. The maps are completely customizable, and there are open-source map options, if you need to save on costs. We really can’t say enough good about this plugin. We ended up going with the Pro version, because it’s completely worth it for the price. Our maps now look better and our site is lighter as a result. THE BEST MAPS PLUGIN, hands-down.


Updated on 09 February 2019

I tried 2 other map plugins, and this one was by far the most user-friendly and feature-complete. One of the other plugins had a horrible UI, and wasn’t very clear how to achieve anything, and the other was extremely greedy, and required payment for even the simplest of features. I get supporting developers (I’m one myself), but giving someone a car, without the keys, isn’t acceptable; you pay for the new rims, and nitro upgrade, not keys 😀

As for this plugin, the UI is clean, the options described in a way that is easy to understand, and the flexibility is great. The best thing about this plugin, is the ability to add links (for free) to your markers on the map. I needed to make markers for restaurants and bars, and link to the corresponding pages on the marker popup, which this app allowed me to do, while others did not.

All in all, a very nice plugin, with (seemingly) great support, and a lot of great features. As long as the free version remains this complete, and the paid version brings more to the table, I’ll definitely support this plugin and developer.


Updated on 15 December 2017

Wishing I’d made use of this plugin long before spending money on the advanced version of another plugin which doesn’t even come close to what the Leaflet Maps Marker plugin achieves.

Amazingly this was also much faster to pick up on and understand than that other plugin I spent money on.

Thank you for this impressive plugin!


Updated on 15 December 2017

About 18 months ago, I started using Leaflet Maps Marker in a site I was developing for a non-profit, which included both a business directory and travel directions to the town associated with that. Having done extensive research on what’s available out there with respect to this functionality, I found Leaflet Maps Marker to be 10 notches above all the rest. It’s been problem free, its developer consistency stays on top of keeping it current and adding new functionality, and stands ready to assist with quick answers to questions you send his way. 100 stars, boiled down into the five this rating system allows!


Updated on 15 December 2017

Being new to WordPress, but an “old hat” with GIS, I found MapsMarker to be an extremely professional solution in structure, presentation and functionality. While I know I still have many features to explore, I cannot wait for the Pro version. A particularly nice feature is the ability to integrate with a PC “GIS-feed”, e.g. from Excel, via MySql table import functionality. Excellent work.


Updated on 15 December 2017