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This plugin began a fun side project at an open data hackathon in Vienna, Austria, the hometown of founder Robert Harm. Thanks to great feedback and reviews from a growing community, it quickly turned into a real business.

We appreciate your feedback – Your reviews drive us forward, help us to get better and to motivate us to improve constantly. Add your review on or via our contact form!

Superb plugin and support!

This plugin just works fantastic and has awesome support with it, even in the free version. Whoever uses maps seriously should consider this plugin and make sure to go for the PRO version for additional awesomeness! landwire

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Very versatile map plugin

This is a very versatile map plugin, with a staggering amount of options. Just take some time to browse through all the settings to get a sense of what this plugin can do and how it can be configured to…

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amazing support!

Spend 2 days using the plugin, it works really nice, and its great that in the free version is sufficiently useable, you can really nice and fast put markers on the maps, it integrate in the wordpress really nice. Like…

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I Love this plugin

I love it, Thanks….! mutiaramedia

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Fantastic! My only Map Solution

All I wanted to do was put a simple map on my WordPress web site, but all the other map plugins that I downloaded, made it more complicated then it needed to be. Then I found Leaflet Maps Marker. It…

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Nothing else comes close

I’ve obviously used all sorts of plugins that allow Google Maps to be embedded in WordPress somehow. But when switching to OpenStreetMap (because of Google’s policies restricting usage to non-commercial websites only) I stumbled across this fantastic plugin, which has…

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Can turn WordPress into a location based Information Provider

The Maps Marker Plugin works like a ten-people-developer-unit. benjamin.denes

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Stupidly, absurdly robust and flexible

When we tested this plugin we were looking for something that would put markers on a map. What we got was some military cartographer shit where you can put fifteen different markers showing all the lethal areas on some poor…

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Jus great

Just love this map plugin, It works great and it comes with tons of different options. I will recommend this plugin (the free and pro version) to everybody who is in the need of displaying a map with interesting places….

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nice work!

I needed a plugin that supports googlemaps with a lot of settings to configure my wells-map. and I found it with mapsmaker. it is one of the best plugins for wordpress (I know a lot of plugins). it is very…

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